Tokyo's best markets

Records, toys, organic food or kimonos, there's a market here for everyone

Tokyo's best markets

Being the international melting pot that Tokyo is, there are flea markets and fairs specialising in all sorts of everything almost every weekend of the year. This week, Time Out Tokyo takes a look at some of the best places to spend your money and time over the next month. Click through to find out where to buy prized ukiyoe woodblock prints, vintage clothing, classic vinyl, organic produce, and top notch pottery.

First up, the city's oldest and (we think) greatest rag market...

Setagaya Boroichi

Good for
Second-hand kimonos, general bric-a-brac...and a sense of history

What, where and why
Boasting more 400 years of bargaining history, Setagaya Boroichi is one of Tokyo’s oldest flea markets. As such, it attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year, taking place over two weekends: the first in December, and the second over the second week in January. The market centres around Boroichi Dori, where upwards of 700 stalls flog everything from antiques to daikan mochi, a rice cake traditional to the event itself. Time Out recommends hopping off the train at Setagaya Station (Setagaya Line), working your way along Boroichi Dori, then leaving from Kamimachi Station. It’s worth knowing, too, that the Setagaya Line is one of Tokyo’s smaller routes, more like a tram than a train, and tickets can be bought either from the kiosk or on the vehicle itself - if you choose the latter, have the fare ready beforehand: 140 yen for adults, 70 yen for kids.

Next event: 9am-9pm, January 15-16 January

Setagaya Boroichi map

Tokyo's best markets
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By Jon Wilks
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