Tokyo's best markets

Records, toys, organic food or kimonos, there's a market here for everyone

Tokyo's best markets

Yoyogi Flea Market

Good for
The ecologically minded - this one’s all about recycling

What, where and why
Unlike Setagaya Boroichi, the Yoyogi Flea Market in the city’s central park is relatively new, though - with approximately 800 vendors and a reputation as Tokyo’s first official ‘flea market’ (Setagaya Boroichi is classed a rag market, ‘boro’ meaning cloth rag) - that doesn’t make it any less grand. Pitched up every month since 1981 by car-boot lovers with a recycling bent, a lot of what’s on sale comes from the vendors’ homes - unwanted tit-for-tat in need of a new lease of life. There’s also a strong youthful element, probably due to the relatively cheap pitching costs.

Next event: 10am-4pm, January 16, 23, 30
Yoyogi Flea Market map

Tokyo's best markets
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By Jon Wilks
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