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Located along an alleyway that runs parallel to Gaien-Higashi-Dori, Tsukasa specialize in fugu (puffer fish), is always crowded with regular customers and serves a vast range of different fugu dishes, including fugu sashimi cut at about twice the thickness of fugu sashimi commonly found elsewhere, soft roe, and fugu stewed with vegetables in a pot that comes complete with a portion of rice that can be added to the pot towards the end of the meal to satisfy anyone who hasn't yet had their fill.



1-9-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo

Transport Aoyama-itchome station (Tokyo Metro Ginza, Hanzomon Lines), exit 5

Telephone 03 3405 9397

Open 5-10.30pm / closed end of April through August

Admission Average dinner from ¥30,000


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