Top picks at Shibuya Loft

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Top picks at Shibuya Loft

Having a hard time figuring out what to get for your folks back home? If you need something both inspiring and peculiarly Japanese, head over to Loft. This gem of a store has been a local favourite for years and offers everything from stationery and kitchen utensils to homewares and cosmetics – a whopping 85,000 items in total. Just wandering around the floors works as a crash course into what’s hot in Japan right now. Still, in case the vast selection makes your head spin, we’ve picked out a few top choices to consider on each floor.

B1F Stationery

Available in 24 different colours, Iroshizuku fountain pen ink comes in typically Japanese shades like Tsutsuji, which recalls an azalea bonsai tree. Here, you’ll also find writing tools, paper, character-themed notebooks and much more.
iroshizuku ¥1,500

※An incorrect price for this item appeared in the autumn issue of Time Out Tokyo magazine. The price displayed here is the right one.

1F Gift Goods

Although gift cards and fashion necessities are the main attraction here, humourists will enjoy the sushi-themed phone straps – just don’t put them in your mouth.
Sushi strap from ¥680 / Smartphone stand ¥3,600

2F Health & Beauty Goods

These nail clippers aren’t just any old claw-trimmers: recalling the proud traditions of Japanese craftsmanship, the Takumi no Waza clips boast top-level sharpness and comfort. This floor also offers plenty of other beautifying essentials, from health products to cosmetics.
Takumi no Waza ¥1,800

3F Household Goods

Even the clumsiest of us need not worry with this one: the Shupua Cup may look exactly like it’s made of glass, but is actually crafted from durable soft silicone. If you’re more interested in the tried and tested stuff, check out the world-class Japanese kitchen knives and Nambu-tekki iron teapots.
Shupua Cup ¥1,800 / Nambu-tekki Iron Tetrapot ¥6,000

4F Interior

Created by a renowned Kyoto bedding manufacturer, these cushions are made of materials like denim and sailcloth, ensuring extreme durability. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the useful but stylish collection either – how about a humidifier shaped like Mt Fuji?
Tetra Mini ¥5,000 / Chokotto Oasis Nihon no Tabi ¥1,200

5F Variety Goods

A mini version of Tokyo Tower, built with Nanoblocks (think tiny toy bricks), a teeny lady clinging onto your noodle cup, or a helping of vacuum-packed cup ramen? The miniature choice is yours on this fun-filled floor.
Nanoblock from ¥6,800 / Cup Noodle refill ¥122

6F International Art & Design

Add some gravitas to your fridge proclamations with this magnet shaped like a shuriken, the traditional and deadly ninja weapon that nobody sees coming. The Art & Design floor also offers a wide variety of seasonally rotating accessories from all over the world, including some high-quality Japanese leather items.
Syuriken Magnet ¥1,500

Loft Shibuya
18-2 Udagawacho, Shibuya.
03 3462 3807
10am-9pm daily

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