Party report: Tokyo Fashion Fuse 7

The hottest club event in the city lives up to the billing

Party report: Tokyo Fashion Fuse 7

Ken Ishii (photo by Saori Tani)

The seventh edition of Tokyo Fashion Fuse, held last month at Roppongi-itchome's classy Izumi Garden Gallery, successfully combined top DJs, fashion shows, and a 007-inspired atmosphere to produce one of the most memorable club events of 2013 in Tokyo. Led by techno king Ken Ishii, the DJ lineup, which also included names like Satoshi Otsuki, Dani Savant, Aquvi, and Hiloco neroDoll, delivered big time, creating an electric atmosphere particularly during the three fashion shows that took place during the night.

Japanese brand Dresscamp's display was the highlight of the party, with TV personality and model Sumire lighting up the catwalk together with a foxy supporting cast that included beauties like Sun Wei and Asano.

Sumire (photo by Saori Tani)

Sun Wei (photo by Christopher Johnson)

Photo by Ivan Doherty

Ken Ishii (photo by Ivan Doherty)

TFF seems to have great momentum going for it, so our hopes are high for this year too. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Time Out Tokyo for info on all the top parties and gigs in the city.

By Ili Saarinen
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