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Trees are the big attraction at this park, and for good reason: it started life as the Meguro Experimental Nursery in 1900 (later the Forestry Research Station) before becoming a public park in the late ’80s. The park’s handsome crop of trees includes towering zeklovas, poplars and camphors, as well as some unusual and foreign species. It also attracts a number of wild birds so ornithologists can put their binoculars to good use, and if you have the kids in tow there are several playgrounds for them to swing about on, as well as a splashing pond to cool off in during the summer months. Just beware the mosquitos…



2-6-11 Koyamadai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Transport Musashi-Koyama Station (Meguro line)

Telephone 03 3792 3800

Admission Free


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