Electraglide 2012: the interviews

Squarepusher, Flying Lotus, Orbital and co get ready for an epic all-nighter

Electraglide 2012: the interviews

If you're a serious fan of electronica (or, if you insist, IDM), the date of this weekend's Electraglide 2012 all-nighter should already be etched on the inside of your cranium. Returning for the first time since 2009, the Makuhari Messe mega-rave rounds up some top-notch international DJs and producers – from Amon Tobin to Andrew Weatherall – alongside heavyweight local talent including DJ Krush and Denki Groove. To get people in the mood, we've dug out some classic interviews from our archives with many of the artists who are appearing, along with a brand new tete-a-tete with Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher.


‘When I started doing shows as Squarepusher years and years ago, I actually used to set up behind the PA stacks. I didn’t even want to be on the stage.’
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Flying Lotus

‘It don't matter who the fuck it is: if I'm producing someone, they're stepping into my universe. It's not me trying to accommodate them.’
Read the interview (October 2012)


‘This morning I was listening to Bobby O: I was listening to 1980s underground gay disco, because ultimately I found it more inspirational than current electronic music.’
Read the interview (March 2012)


‘The first time I played in Beijing, the first bass drop of my first record took down the whole electricity in the building.’
Read the interview (March 2011)

DJ Krush

‘Hip hop was a really important catalyst for me, but nowadays I'm not too hung-up about it. I feel like I'm not working in the genre of hip hop, I'm in the genre of DJ Krush.’
Read the interview (July 2011)

DJ Kentaro

‘One of the big eye-openers for me was when I went on tour overseas. I rocked up at Narita Airport with four boxes of records and they told me, “That'll be ¥350,000.”’
Read the interview (June 2012)

Takkyu Ishino (Denki Groove)

‘Before I started DJing, I was playing knock-offs of OMD and Depeche Mode in a duo with a friend of mine. That's how I got started in music.’
Read the interview (July 2012)

Electraglide 2012, November 23, Makuhari Messe

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