Keiichi Ejima: Top 5 songs

Drummer with the band Sakanakushon, Keiichi Ejima picks his favourite Japanese songs

Keiichi Ejima: Top 5 songs

Keiichi Ejima

Starting life in Hokkaido's capital, Sapporo, Ejima is now the drummer of Sakanakushon, a rock band that hit big combining folk melodies, club music, and rock. They're also known for their lyrics, often described as melancholic.

Yurayura Teikoku: Kudo Desu
'Yura Yura Teikoku recorded this track for their last album, and we're big fans. It's a masterpiece in which novelty and nostalgia, pop and psychedelic culture coexist.'

Yosui Inoue: Shonen Jidai
'It's the most covered Japanese song ever. The lyrics are bohemian but sentimental - great stuff.'

Yumi Arai: Yasashi Sa Ni Tsutsumaretanara
'It is the closing song of a Studio Ghibli movie, extremely popular in Japan. Beyond that though, I'd say Yumi Arai is a musician that's had a great influence on Japanese pop music culture.'

Kenji Kawai: Kugutsu Uta
'This is also a song from the anime movies. However, the song is based on a traditionally Japanese structure, combining the sound of Japanese drums and a folk-song chorus in the majesty of a full orchestra. It's a great song.'

Douji Morita:Tatoeba Boku Ga Shindara
'I wasn't around at the time that folk songs like this became popular, but its a song of nostalgia and sadness.'

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