Osamu Suzuki: Top 5 songs

Comedian, writer and all-round media personality, Osamu Suzuki picks his favourite Japanese songs

Osamu Suzuki: Top 5 songs

Osamu Suzuki

TV and radio personality
As a university student, Suzuki dreamt of being a TV and radio writer, ultimately achieving his ambition at the tender age of 19. His work includes the hugely popular TV programs, Waratte Iitomo, SMAP×SMAP, and Quiz Presents Variety Q Sama.

Sayuri Ishikawa: Etto Tsubame
'Sayuri is one of two major divas in Japan. I think anyone who doesn't know much about enka (Japanese balladeering) would still appreciate Sayuri’s way of singing if they get the chance to listen to this track. And I am sure they'd be surprised if they understood the meaning of the lyrics as well. I want people to know that this is Japan.'

Harumi Miyako: Kitano Yado Kara
'Harumi is the other of the two big divas; perhaps the Japanese version of Celine Dion. I feel the same sense of melancholy when I hear “Kitano Yado Kara” and Celine singing the theme song of the movie Titanic. I am sure that foreigners would be surprise to hear how well Japanese singers can sing.'

Go Hiromi: Niokuyonsenman No Hitomi
'I'd like to know how many times you can count the word “Japan” in this song. This song is the Japanese equivalent of “Born in the USA” for me. It represents the good times.'

Denki Groove: N.O
'Denki Groove is one of those rare groups that attract people throughout the world. I am sure that people who can't understand the lyrics can still feel something in their music. This is what makes Takkyu Ishino great.'

SMAP: Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana
'I think it's the Japanese equivalent of “We are the world.” Sometimes it's not about technique, and I think anyone can feel something in this song.'

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