Maia Barouh: Top 5 songs

French-Japanese artist names the five Japanese songs she wants you to hear

Maia Barouh: Top 5 songs

**Maia Barouh

Musician   The daughter of Pierre Barouh (a French producer, singer, and poet), and a Tokyo-born mother, music has always been a part of Maia Barouh's life. Her flute and vocal performances are really worth catching, while she is also a talented guitarist, pianist, percussionist and saxophonist.

Amami Oshima folk song: Iwaitsuke   奄美大島民謡『祝い付け』
'This is an Amami Oshima folk song, often sung at the beginning of festivals. It's the song that has affected me most in my life. It has a number of unique techniques, such as its use of tremolo and falsetto, and its melody is a deeply rooted Japanese tune, though it sounds continental or even universal. It might remind you of North African or Arabic music.'

Kabocha Shokai: Utsukushiki Tennen
'This was the first waltz composed in Japan. It was first sung by marine troops and became widely known by Japanese citizens afterwards when street performers gradually began playing the tune. I was impressed when I first heard this song, around the time I became a member of Kabocha Shokai, a Japanese street performance band. I was 18 years old at the time. The song has a typically Japanese melody with a triple time rhythm; a mixture of western and Japanese culture. It certainly struck me, having Japanese and French blood running through my veins!'

Hibiya Katan: Taiwa No Kanousei
日比谷カタン『対話の可能性』  'This is one of Hibiya Katan's masterpieces. Like a solo opera singer or a biwa player, he makes various sounds by playing gipsy guitar. Hibiya Katan is simply great and I really want everyone to know about this musician.'

Theater Brook: Uragiri No Yuyake
'I simply want everyone to know that there is a cool rock band in Japan!'

Ainu folk song: KANE RENREN
'It's an Ainu folk song that was sung in a circle during the Kuma Okuri bear sacrifice ceremony. The rhythm and phrasing can lead you into a trance.'

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