10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend: 9

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10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend: 9

10 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
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He's gone by the names Percy X, Recycle, Mion, Abyss and The X-Man. Now prolific Glaswegian DJ and remixer Tony Scott (yup, he's used that one too) prefers to be known as Edit-Select. It's a name that denotes a tense, brooding style of techno, perfect for clubbers who like to go home with a lingering sense of unease. Edit-Select tops a juicy line-up of Japan-based DJs and producers at the second edition of Fun Club, including Sodeyama and residents Alex Einz and Salmon. Stay-at-home ravers can also tune in for a webcast session with him and Salmon at Dommune on March 10.

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