Tetsuo Nakanishi: Top 5 songs

Former Grampus 8 football legend picks Japan's best five songs

Tetsuo Nakanishi: Top 5 songs

Tetsuo Nakanishi

A former soccer player for teams including Nagoya Grampus Eight and Kawasaki Frontale, Tetsuo is currently the voice of Tokyo FM's Kronos programme (Monday-Thursday, 5:00am to 8:30am).

Sukima Switch: Kanade
Kanade - スキマスイッチ: Greatest Hits

'I like this song so much that I chose it to be played at my wedding!'

Naotaro Moriyama: Sakura (solo)
さくら (独唱) - さくら (独唱) - EP

'It reminds me of Japan's seasonal beauty. I asked him to sing this song at my wedding, although I knew that it did not match the typical mood of a wedding. I just like this song so much, I couldn’t help myself!'

Gospellers: Machikado
'This ballad just underlines how well they sing.'

Mr.Children: Hanabi
'This song, especially the melody, just highlights how talented Mr Children are.'

Toshihide Baba: Start Line
スタートライン 〜Album version〜 - 人生という名の列車

'I like the lyrics. It kind of expresses how athletes feel.'

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