Marie Sara: Top 5 songs

Fashion model and Tokyo FM DJ picks her top five favourites

Marie Sara: Top 5 songs

Sara Marie

Marie is a fashion model appearing in such magazines as Nicolas, PS, Vivi and Musician. She is also the DJ on radio program Tokyo FM RADIO DRAGON (Monday-Thursday, 7.30pm-9.55pm).

Hibari Misora: Rockabilly Geisha
'Hibari Misora is Japan's best singer. I think this song will still be cool a hundred years from now. I want everyone to know about Hibari and to listen to her songs.'

Charan Po Rantan and Yukai Na Kankanbarukan: Musutafa
'This band has so much potential to explode and become big. I think that they'll be seen as a classic band in 20 to 30 years. They're cool to see and hear - they make your whole body happy!'

The ZOOT16: Sayonara Barcelona
The ZOOT16『さよならバルセロナ』
さよならバルセロナ - ヒズミカル
'Toshimi is my idol forever! She is so cool. I'd like to think her kind of severe elegance will attract people all over the world. She is the Japanese equivalent of The Clash.'

Cocco: Kutsushita No Himitsu (demo)
靴下の秘密 (デモ) - ベスト+裏ベスト+未発表曲集
'I just like it. I really get what the lyrics are saying, although I don’t want to. Cocco is magnetic. You just face Cocco even though you don’t want to. Cocco is a Japanese muse with some strange power.'

Naoko Ken: Kamome Kamome
かもめはかもめ - 研ナオコ ベスト・コレクション

'Naoko is cool. Nobody can be that cool. Yeah, she's the one.'

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