Takafumi Horie: Top 5 songs

Once the head of the Livedoor cooperation, Takafumi Horie turns list-picker with his top five songs

Takafumi Horie: Top 5 songs

Takafumi Horie

The former CEO of Livedoor, in 2010 he appeared on stage for the first time in a musical play. The play was based on Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, re-envisioned in a modern setting. He linked the musical play with Niko Niko Doga, a movie streaming system, and led the theater company for the first time as well.

Hibari Misora: Kawa No Nagare No Youni
'This is a masterpiece that all Japanese people know well, and it's the song that made Yasushi Akimoto famous.'

Bakufu Slump: Ooki Na Tamanegi No Shita
'It's a song that reminds me of my innocent youth!'

Ayumi Hamasaki: Bluebird
'The promotional video clip is really cool.'

Glay: Beloved
'It is the last song Glay played at their Expo live concert, with 200,000 people in attendance.'

Miyuki Nakajima: Akujo
'It's a wistful song.'

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