The red sign on Kannana-dori will lead you Katsuraya, a homely haunt with ramen of such high quality that many claim it is the best of the many Yokohama-born family shops in the city. The rich pork- and chicken-based soup, said to be made with twice the care taken at the average family ramen shop, combines with noodles that are just a little on the soft side, and with thick, tender chashu pork (so good you'll want seconds), spinach, and nori to create a complete, unique taste. The staff goes all-out when it comes to quality control, even going as far as to adjust the flavour of each bowl of soup ordered.


1-3-13 Horinouchi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Transport Honancho Station (Marunouchi line)

Telephone 03 3318 6140

Open 7pm-3am / closed Mon


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