Where the labels are

Time Out Tokyo’s guide to finding JFW brands on the racks

Where the labels are

Courtesy of Matohu and ESTEEM press

With the aftermath of Japan Fashion Week 2010 on lips of fashion junkies all over Tokyo, the next thing on everyone’s minds is shopping. So where do you get those great trousers or that fabulous coat from that label you heard about during Japan Fashion Week?

The luckiest designers have their own boutiques, making the likelihood that the entire collection will be on offer higher than what might be available at a select shop. A great one-stop solution is to check out the department stores, where designers often have in-store spaces or are included extensively in the label-minded stocks.


This menswear label made a big impression with wearable clothes that were anything but boring. For AW 10-11 go for the classic coats with a clean modern finish, or the utilitarian yet stylish trousers with a rough, natural edge.

Factotum Flagship Shop
This is where you’ll find some of the more obscure additions to the collection, including the wide neckband-style scarves and other accessories.

Address: 11-3 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)6692 7426
Open: Mon-Sun 12noon-8pm
Website: www.factotum.jp

United Arrows Shinjuku Men’s Store
United Arrows is known for not only having an incredible number of labels, but also for its well-edited but not alienating signature style of offerings. Factotum is, of course, not the only label worth trying on here, so it’s just a matter of seeing what you find. The in-house label is a reliable staple that couples style with stability.

Address: Flags Bldg 4F, 3-37-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5369 2891
Open: daily 11am-10pm
Website: www.united-arrows.jp/ (Japanese only)


Whimsical and dreamy were the watchwords for AW 10-11 at mintdesigns. Interesting tights and leggings criss-crossed with velvet, floaty dresses and brocaded jackets are best bets here.

mintdesigns garage store
This is the centrally-located in-store space for mintdesigns in one of Tokyo’s largest department stores. Great if you don’t have time to go hunting around and know what you want.

Location: Shibuya Parco Part 1, B1F (Full details & map)
Telephone: (03)3464 7833
Website: www.mint-designs.com

Aoyama Knitting Works
This newly opened shop carries not only mintdesigns, but also several other JFW brands such as everlasting sprout, IN PROCESS by HALL OHARA, as well as other brands worth looking at such as yanase rei’s piles’o’stuff accessories and quirky handmade leather by ooso.

Address: Marusen Bldg 1F, 5-46-2 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)6427 9104
Open: daily 12noon-8pm
Website: www.knitting-works.com/ (Japanese only)


AW 10-11 was all about layers for Matohu. Look for smart coats and light tops in colours that can be piled on, reminiscent of Heian era kimono and their colourways.

Noriem Designers
Found inside the Shinjuku Takashimaya, Noriem Designers aims to bring Japanese brands out to the rest of the world. Not only does the shop stock Matohu’s classically Japanese influenced designs, but also offers other JFW alums such as HISUI.

Location: Shinjuku Takashimaya Times Square 8F
Address: 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5361 1111
Open: daily 10am-8.30pm
Website: www.noriem.com/ (Japanese only)


Stylish but without the fuss, @IZREEL comes out near the top of our list as a brand that has both wearable pieces and ones to help you take some more avant-garde fashion risks. If you’re looking for more traditional, check the clean jeans and cropped trousers, topped with a puffer jacket. If you want to push the envelope: obi-like knit belts anyone?

@IZREEL Shibuya Parco
Location: Shibuya Parco Part 1 6F (Full details & map)
Telephone: (03)5489 4355
Website: www.izreel.jp (Japanese only)

@IZREEL Shinjuku Marui Men
Address: 5-16-4 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5459 9779
Open: daily 11am-9pm
Website: www.0101.co.jp/stores/language/en/l

The Dress & Co.

This season wafted in with a classic feel, swathed in old-school silk scarves, blazers, trim trousers, and romantic dresses. A good bet when it comes to the basics, if you’re feeling a bit on the safe side.

55HOTEL boutique
Nestled in the confines of Harajuku fashion-mecca Laforet, this small corner boutique also carries labels such as Jelly Garcia.

Address: Laforet Harajuku 2F (Full details & map)
Telephone: (03)5771 0760

Casbah Shinjuku LUMINE 2
Situated in prime shopping real estate, Casbah has a rather casual space inside of LUMINE 2 department store. Its sister shop, on the fourth floor of Shibuya’s Parco 1 is a slightly more upmarket affair.

Address: LUMINE2 4F, 3-38-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5321 9969
Open: daily 11am-10pm
Website: www.lumine.ne.jp/shop_info/shop_info.php?shop_id=05040010 (Japanese only)

Mihara Yasuhiro

A designer with his own flagship, Mihara Yasuhiro works in a dark, broody modernism for AW 10-11. Coats and skirts are the picks of this collection and will add a slick, but sober touch to your look.

Address: Gate Square 1F, 5-2-14 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5778 0675
Open: Mon-Fri 12noon-8pm, Sat-Sun 11am-8pm
Website: www.sosu.co.jp (Japanese only)


Always popular with the fashion set, SOMARTA’s AW 10-11 collection features mythical coats and signature space-age body hugging fabric. This is the label to hit up for lace tights that are guaranteed to last.

One of the be-all-end all trend shops in town, they stock SOMARTA along with other upmarket brands that are a hit with stylists.
(Full details & map)


Brand store for Takeshi Osumi’s future-chic brand, right in the beating heart of Tokyo fashion-central. Though the designs might be a bit on the conceptual side, there are men’s blazers that will work in any context.

Brand store for Takeshi Osumi’s future-chic brand, right in the beating heart of Tokyo fashion.

Address: Current Omotesando 2F, 4-26-21 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5414 1634
Open: daily 12noon-8pm
Website: phenomenon.tv (Japanese only)

Theatre Products

AW 10-11 brings a light flavour to an otherwise usually heavy season. Dresses are the way to go here, with a slightly retro feel. Shinjuku Isetan plays host to many a designer label, and it a great place to look to get ideas if you’re not sure what you want.

Location: Shinjuku Isetan 2F (Full details & map)
Telephone: (03)3352 1111
Website: www.theatreproducts.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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