What Tokyo wants in bed

Sexual dreams and fantasies in Japan's capital

What Tokyo wants in bed

As part of the Time Out Tokyo Sex Survey, we asked our readers to fill the blank in the following sentence:

I'm looking for someone in Tokyo who will __ in bed

The response

Of the 827 replies we received, just over 60 percent responded to this part of the survey. 30 percent of those respondents were women (the rest, presumably, were men).

The commonalities

Approximately 12 percent of the respondents simply want to 'hug' in bed (64 percent of the huggers were women, with that number fairly evenly split between readers who responded in Japanese or English). Intriguingly, the most common response in English was 'fuck', but the most common phrase in Japanese was icha-icha, which usually translates as 'flirt' or 'make out'. Interesting to note that flirting continues even after the two (or more) parties have actually arrived between the sheets. We live and learn...

The fantasies

Below, you'll find some of the most (shall we say) eye-catching responses. You'll find the language we received them in and the gender of the respondent in brackets after each answer.

'agree to have sex with me' (English, male)
'achieve meltdown' (Japanese, female)
'do me hard, then cuddle a bit' (English, male)
'last' (English, female)
'join my girlfriend and I in a threesome' (English, male)
'at least do some of the work' (English, male)
'do battle' (Japanese; male & female)
'be an arm pillow' (Japanese; male & female)
'not snore' (Japanese, female)
'not steal the covers' (Japanese & English, female)
'do doctors and nurses cosplay' (Japanese, male)
'enlighten me' (Japanese, male)
'masturbate' (English, female)
'let me sleep as long as I want to' (Japanese, female)
'share his wife' (Japanese, male)
'play Nintendo 3DS' (English, male)
'not mind my snoring or sleep-humping' (English, male)
'breathe' (Japanese, female)
'do me like a Frenchman' (English, female)
'nibble me' (English, female)
'rock my cock off' (English, male)
'have a gender-related meeting' (Japanese, male)
'behave like a cat' (Japanese, male)
'share the loneliness' (Japanese, female)

By Jon Wilks
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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