Tokyo Sex Survey, 2011

We asked, you told...

Tokyo Sex Survey, 2011

On May 23 we put out a request. We asked you to answer 10 relatively easy questions about your sex life in Tokyo. Over the next three weeks, more than 800 of you responded.

On the following pages, you'll find info on Tokyo's most successful pick-up lines, the places Tokyo goes to find a one-night stand, and the things Tokyo likes to do in bed. We've even thrown in an interview with up-and-coming Japanese porn actress Maki Azusa and a list of friendly Tokyo sex shops, just to keep you in the mood. But before we get into all that, some key Tokyo sex survey results.

Boys and girls

61 percent of our respondents were male, 39 percent female. While we didn't request information about nationality, approximately 60 percent of the written parts of the survey were answered in English, with the remaining 40 percent completed in Japanese.

How long do you need to know someone before sex?

It doesn't take most of our readers very long at all to get down to business, as the results to our survey showed. 33 percent of you said you only need to know someone a few hours before jumping into the sack. Naturally, this differed by gender: only 24 percent of our female respondents were so eager, while 38 percent of the gents just couldn't wait.

23 percent of you preferred a getting-to-know-you period of a few days (31 percent of the girls, 23 percent of the boys), while a similar number opted for 'a few weeks' – 22 percent overall (18 percent of the men, 29 percent of the women; the girls' most popular choice).

The slow movers, needing several months to get busy, made up 13 percent of the overall respondents: eight percent of the men, 20 percent of the women.

Meanwhile, eight percent claimed they'd be happy with a quick knee-trembler within minutes of meeting their partner; two percent of the girls, 12 percent of the more brutish sex.

Lastly, one percent felt they needed several years to work up to the challenge, but we can only assume they were joking.

Who should initiate the pickup?

Tokyo seems to remain quite traditionalist on this subject, with 81 percent of our readers believing it's still the man's duty to talk the woman into the sack. 89 percent of our female readers felt that this was still the case, while 76 percent of the male respondents still believed it was indeed down to them to get things moving.

Have you ever had sex with a foreigner?

36 percent of our readers could boast interracial sex activities, while 40 percent hadn't but admitted wanting to give it a shot. 20 percent had 'crossed borders' (as our grandmother would put it) once or twice, while five percent claimed they'd never want to give it a go, even if they had the choice.

While we don't have the data to break this down by nationality, we can certainly separate the boys from the girls. 41 percent of Time Out Tokyo's male readers claimed to have had interracial sex 'many times' (compared to just 29 percent of female readers). 38 percent said they never had, but they'd like to (39 percent of women responded this way - the highest response amongst our female readers). 19 percent claimed to have dallied a couple of times (women, 23 percent), while two percent weren't interested at all (compared to nine percent of women).

Which day of the week is best for picking someone up?

It's official: the horniest night of the week in Tokyo is Friday! Meanwhile, you're least likely to get lucky on a Monday or a Tuesday.

The sexiest days of the week, as voted for by Time Out Tokyo readers:

Friday: 56 percent
Saturday: 30 percent
Thursday: 6 percent
Wednesday: 3 percent
Sunday: 3 percent
Tuesday: 1 percent
Monday: 1 percent

Is Japanese porn any good?

It's not great news for the Japanese porn industry, as only 27 percent of our readers found the average AV to be particularly exciting. A larger chunk considered it 'worth the occasional peep' (30 percent), while a further 27 percent said it was 'a bit repetitive'. Meanwhile, 16 percent of you felt it was 'less exciting than a cold shower'. Something of a flaccid response, all told.

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in public?

We saved the cheekiest question until last, the one we've longed to see sexy stats for. Is Tokyo really all that naughty? The results are worth looking at by gender.

The highest response, with 29 percent, suggests that Tokyo isn't averse to a quick snog in the open air. 26 percent of our male readers said this was their naughtiest outdoor exploit, compared to 36 percent of women. This was the most popular naughty outdoor activity for ladies, while it ranked second for men.

28 percent of you said you'd publicly 'penetrated' (though nobody told us what they penetrated) - 31 percent of our male readers, alongside 22 percent of our female readers (the highest and second highest-ranked activity, respectively).

For 20 percent of our readers, 'hand action' was as far as it went (18 percent men, 22 percent women; joint third most popular activity). Smutty bunch.

Six percent of our readers claimed they would 'never do something so disgusting' (six percent of the women, five percent of the men; joint fourth position).

Lastly, and with the Time Out Tokyo office cheering them on, three percent of our readers claimed to have had an outdoor orgy (four percent of the men, two percent of the women; joint fifth ranking). Our only question at this point is: where?

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By Jon Wilks
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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