Songs on our doorstep: Tenniscoats

Experimental duo drop by for fun with music and balloons

Songs on our doorstep: Tenniscoats

You never know what you're going to get when you book Tenniscoats. Ahead of their June 5 gig at Time Out Café & Diner, we asked them to drop by and chat a bit about their latest album, Tokinouta, and possibly even sing us a song. On a rainy, mid-May afternoon, they did just that, bringing with them Tetsuya Umeda, a sonic explorer who specialises in getting sound out of balloons, bottles, broken fans - junk in general. Umeda-San insisted on staying off camera, though his presence is definitely felt on the resulting video. If you hear anything odd...well, that's him.

The song that the duo chose to sing is called 'Tamashi', and it's available on their new album, currently on sale at Time Out Café & Diner, among other outlets. Fans of the band can get an extra dose of Tenniscoats here: a few snaps from the video shoot.

By Jon Wilks
Photo by James Hadfield
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