88 things to do in Tokyo, part 2

From the obscure to the obvious, your time in Tokyo starts here

88 things to do in Tokyo, part 2

Tokyo City Keiba

88 things to do in Tokyo
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11. Mull over some pre-modern art...

Based around the collection of former Tobu Railway president Kaichiro Nezu, this is one of Tokyo’s best museums for traditional Japanese and East Asian art, and its Kengo Kuma-designed building and Japanese garden are stunners.
Nezu Museum map and opening hours

12. Head to toy shop heaven...

Parents might want to leave the kids at home before heading to the five-floor Kiddy Land, lest they end up spending a fortune on flashy toys and Hello Kitty merchandise.
Kiddy Land map and opening hours

13. Taste ice cream for the ages…

In a city that often takes its desserts more seriously than its politics, judging the best ices on offer can be a thankless task. Japanese Ice Ouca ought to come out near the top of any best of list, however – there are no misses here.
Japanese Ice Ouca map and contact details

14. Scoop up a Tokyo-style souvenir...

The in-house shop at the National Art Center, Tokyo does a lot more than sell postcards: it also stocks an array of Tokyo- and Japan-themed goods, including manga and art books that, as the name says, make for great souvenirs.
Souvenir From Tokyo map and opening hours

15. Keep it handmade...

A haven for haberdashery enthusiasts, Shinjuku’s Okadaya offers buttons, threads and fabrics in one building and wigs, cosmetics and stage make-up in another.
Okadaya map and opening hours

16. Bet on an urban horse race...

Looking for an offbeat date spot? The regular races at Heiwajima’s Tokyo City Keiba racetrack have become a surprisingly popular destination for young couples – look out for the night-time ‘Twinkle Races’, too.
Tokyo City Keiba map and opening hours

17. Hop aboard a swimming bus...

When a conventional tour just won’t do, hop aboard this amphibious bus, which plies the streets around Tokyo Skytree before going for a swim in the nearby river.
Sky Duck map and opening hours

18. Have curry with your chicken...

‘Would you like curried rice with that?’ the staff invariably ask customers when they place their first order at this upscale yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant. Trust us: just say yes.
Ginza Torishige map and opening hours

19. Catch a classic jazz gig...

While its competitors aim for pricey dinner-lounge chic, this long-running jazz haunt is strictly about the music – and it attracts some top-level Japanese and international talent.
Shinjuku Pit Inn map and opening hours

20. Treat yourself to an egg tart…

Once you’ve tried an authentic Portuguese pastel de nata, there’s no going back – and the shop run by Yoyogi restaurant Cristiano’s does them better than anywhere else in town.
Nata de Cristiano’s map and opening hours

88 things to do in Tokyo
1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-88

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