Things to do this week in Tokyo

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Things to do this week in Tokyo

Things to do this week in Tokyo
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Monday 3

Nikushoku Joshi Haku
You won't have to be an actual 'meat-eating woman' (nikushoku joshi) to attend this carnivorous celebration, but the revelry certainly looks to be designed for precisely that type of lady. Ten carefully selected Tokyo restaurants will be serving up beefy delicacies festival-style. Read more

Tuesday 4

250th Anniversary of Nishiki-e
Highlighting the revolution in craftsmanship that made multicolour ukiyo-e prints possible, the Ota Museum's August exhibit includes pieces by Suzuki Harunobu, credited as the first artist to work with colour prints, as well as contributions by several genre superstars. Read more

Ikegami Honmonji Bon Odori
Climb up the hill to Ikegami Honmonji for traditional Obon dance performances, delectable festival food and a lottery for kids – join in with the dancers and you'll receive a free traditional fan as a reward. A yukata parade takes place on Honmonji-dori from 6pm tonight. Read more

Wednesday 5

Brown Rice Family
Described as 'today's freshest world roots band', this Brooklyn-born multinational unit boasts members from six countries. Mixing reggae, funk, jazz, hip-hop and more into an organic, lively concoction, their show is bound to put a smile on your face. Read more

Asagaya Tanabata Matsuri
Asagaya has been holding its distinctive Tanabata festival for more than 60 years now, but the event has moved with the times: in recent years, the papier-mâché decorations have included Buzz Lightyear, Godzilla and the lead characters from Disney's Frozen. Read more

Thursday 6

Summer Dessert Special: Yaz Salatasi
Challenging kakigori, pancakes and other summery Tokyo favourites, two Shibuya cafés are trying to start a new dessert trend with yaz salatasi, a seasonal Turkish salad incorporating watermelon, spearmint, feta cheese and mint for a certifiably fresh and light taste. Try it today. Read more

Friday 7

Kanda Beer Festival
A little different than most brew fests going on around Tokyo in summer, this one takes place all over Kanda. Centred around the Beer Arch event at Manseibashi's Maach Ecute, it spreads the gospel of quality beer through the combined efforts of local restaurants, bars and shopping complexes. Read more

Prince Disco 2015 Summer
The Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa may not be the most likely venue for a no-holds-barred dance party, but the bubbly Prince Disco just keeps expanding: over 2,000 disco fans showed up last time, so it's safe to expect a healthy turnout of neon-wearing heroes with terrible hairstyles tonight, too. Read more

Beach Party!
Embroidery brand Fragola gets into a summery mood with this pop-up, held at the vintage-focused Sophie et Chocolat Atelier. Head over to marvel at super-cute 'cookie brooches' and other limited-edition items perfect for adding a little playfulness to your summer style. Read more

Cheers! Otemachi Summer Bar
The ghastly office towers of Otemachi will echo with merriment for a change, as this food and booze fest returns for its second edition. Powering up from last year, Cheers! Otemachi sees a total of ten buildings and around 60 restaurants and bars participate in the proceedings. Read more

Veta with Powell
Frontline German techno event Veta makes the trip to Shibuya's Amate-Raxi, welcoming techno/noise contortionist Powell for his Japan debut. Backing up the night's star are Veta resident Okuda, plus local forces SlyAngle and Michihiko Ishidomaru. Read more

Saturday 8

Tokyo Bay Fireworks
Set against the backdrop of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge, this is arguably the most picturesque fireworks festival in the capital – and the most exclusive. The official viewing spots are all but sold out – try to catch the show from further away instead. Read more

47 Noodle Market
Usually busy showing off domestic design gems, Hikarie's D47 Museum now goes off the beaten path and highlights delicious noodles from all of Japan's 47 prefectures. The on-site restaurant serves up both lunch and dinner made with the featured goodies. Read more

Shimokitazawa Ichibangai Awa-Odori
Now celebrating its 50th year in action, the Shimokitazawa Awa-Odori sees teams of dancers romp along the neighbourhood's main shopping streets in the evening, then dazzle the assembled hordes with their own special routines later on. Read more

Mechanic Designer Okawara Kunio
Working on the frontlines of the mecha anime business for almost four decades now, veteran designer Kunio Okawara is the man behind the robots in classic series from Mobile Suit Gundam to Armored Trooper Votoms, so we think it's about time he gets his own exhibition. Read more

All Student Art Festival Gakuten
Gakuten is where to check out student art from all over the world. Up to 1,000 exhibitors will be showing off paintings, accessories, clothing, performance art and much more, and many of the displayed pieces can also be purchased on the spot. Read more

Maurice Fulton
Maurice Fulton's heady, raw vision of house, techno and experimental beats – and a lot of super-spacey explorations along the way – are always welcome, so it's nice to see the DJ and producer back in Tokyo again. Local veteran DJ Nori provides backup. Read more

Sunday 9

Hachioji Festival
19 floats and portable shrines are carried around the north side of Hachioji at this festival, one of the top events of its kind in the Kanto region. When rival floats pass, their bands attempt to throw each other off their groove in a musical face-off known as buttsuke – a distinctive local tradition. Read more

Shibuya Zunchaka
The streets of Shibuya will echo with music today, as this community-organised festival takes over Miyashita Park and its surroundings with spontaneous gigs, jam sessions, free-for-all choral performances, instrument-making workshops and plenty more. Read more

Summer Curry Festa
Binge on seven kinds of curry at this all you-can-eat event that should appeal especially to friends of Japanese-style curry and rice. From spicy mixtures to Hokkaido-style soup curry, the mains are complemented by a buffet with salad, soup and desserts. Read more

Werner Herzog Programme
Indomitable German filmmaker, actor and opera director Werner Herzog takes over Shibuya's Uplink with this eight-piece programme featuring some of the visionary auteur's finest flicks – including chaotic 1970 comedy Even Dwarfs Started Small. Read more

Train Photo Exhibition
Train geeks will want to make the trip to Asakusabashi for this strictly specialised photo display, which consists of over 200 shots taken by some of Japan's most dedicated tori-tetsu (train snappers) – plus a giant diorama for practice. Read more

Art Deco in Residence
Recently designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan, Meguro's Teien Art Museum has been redecorated to resemble its original 1933 form for this display, inviting the audience to ponder the former royal residence's past and present historical significance. Read more

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