88 things to do in Tokyo, part 3

From the obscure to the obvious, your time in Tokyo starts here

88 things to do in Tokyo, part 3

Japan Folk Crafts Museum

88 things to do in Tokyo
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21. Dig into some rock-solid soup…

Freeze-dried food manufacturer Amano Jitsugyo's shop carries everything from miso soup to Japanese-style curry, all in rock-hard, moisture-free form. Use the store's free hot water supplier to dig into your space food right then and there.
Amano Freeze-Dried Station map and opening hours

22. Learn to love writing again...

Fall in love with scribbling all over again at this specialist stationery shop. Kakimori’s range of pens, inks and letter sets are chosen for comfort of use, while the order-made notebooks come in an infinitely customisable selection of covers, paper and bindings.
Kakimori map and opening hours

23. Give yourself an anime manicure…

Possibly Tokyo’s first otaku nail salon, Ita Color’s artists will adorn your talons with an anime character or design of your choosing from a rate of ¥1,500 per 10 minutes.
Ita Color’s map and opening hours

24. Make your own washoku…

Regardless of whether you’re just learning the basics of Japanese cuisine or already aiming to become a professional noodle-maker, the lessons here will prove useful. All classes held in English, reservations required.
Tsukiji Soba Academy/Tokyo Cooking Studio map and details

25. Start a trend...

Looking for the next fashion sensation? You’ll probably find it at landmark Shibuya store 109, the domain of teenage girls who don’t just follow trends but start them.
Shibuya 109 map and opening hours

26. Overload on otaku culture...

Akihabara? These days, the diehard otaku prefer to go to Nakano Broadway and its over 300 shops to get their fix – whether that involves manga, collectible figurines, video games or, er, replica machine guns.
Nakano Broadway map and opening hours

27. Bike the big city…

Tokyo's bicycle scene still isn't what it could be, but bike-sharing is finally getting some love. Rides are easy to book on your phone and borrowing outposts are numerous within Chiyoda Ward, including around Tokyo Station.
Chiyokuru map and details

28. Pack a picnic…

The north side is a lush sprawl of trees where city slickers can take a break from the crush or let their pets roam free. The south side has an event plaza and open-air stage that hosts many of Tokyo’s larger festivals.
Yoyogi Park map and details

29. Visit a cutting-edge gallery…

Part of large gallery complex formed form an old warehouse, this art space features young up-and-comers as well as the daring works of leading contemporary artists.
ShugoArts map and opening hours

30. Gaze on some folk art...

Yanagi Soetsu, a central figure in the Japanese folk art movement, created this museum in 1936 to spotlight such mingei pieces. See ceramics, woodwork and other everyday items from Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, collected at a time when their beauty wasn’t recognised.
Japan Folk Crafts Museum map and opening times

88 things to do in Tokyo
1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-88

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