88 things to do in Tokyo, part 4

From the obscure to the obvious, your time in Tokyo starts here

88 things to do in Tokyo, part 4

Nonbei Yokocho

88 things to do in Tokyo
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31. Catch a fixed bout…

The former home of Liquidroom reopened under a new name in 2005, and with a rather different remit: it’s primarily used as a venue for pro-wrestling matches now.
Shinjuku Face map and details

32. Puff on a hookah…

The most curious watering hole in Asakusa (if not all of eastern Tokyo), Bonji Bar treats visitors to an extensive collection of hookah pipes and ‘strange liquor’ including snake booze and cannabis vodka.
Bonji Bar map and opening hours

33. Wander around a bar alley…

In the ramshackle street of Nonbei Yokocho (‘Drunkard’s Alley’) you’ll find rows of tiny bars – some so small that they only fit four or five people at a time.
Nonbei Yokocho map and details

34. Power up at Meiji Shrine...

Assuming that you don’t go there during the New Year celebrations, Tokyo’s largest shrine is a surprisingly relaxing spot to visit – and also the site of a popular ‘power spot’, Kiyomasa’s Well.
Meiji Shrine map and opening hours

35. Dine upon tatami…

Tucked away behind Sensoji Temple is this kama (small pot) restaurant. Tatami flooring lends a relaxed mood to the place and patrons' favourite dish is the 'gomoku kamameshi', a mix of seafood, chicken, rice and more.
Kamameshi Mutsumi map and opening hours

36. Begin the day with beer…

You can start drinking from 10am at this much-loved izakaya in Ueno’s bustling Ameyoko market, and many customers do exactly that. It’s always busy, so if you see a spare table, grab it.
Daitoryo map and opening hours

37. Do some surreal late-night shopping...

They practise a special kind of retail chaos at Don Quijote, a 24-hour variety goods shop where the floors teem with everything from groceries to brand goods, fancy dress and, ahem, adult toys.
Don Quijote Roppongi map and opening hours

38. Check out some hot models...

Add to your collection at this well-stocked hobby shop, which carries every Tamiya product you could possibly imagine. The range totals around 6,000 different items, including miniature cars, model planes and accessories.
Tamiya Plamodel Factory map and opening hours

39. Get a taste of Seoul in Tokyo...

Head north of Shinjuku and the streets take on a rather different flavour. Welcome to Shin-Okubo, Japan’s biggest Koreatown, and the go-to place for everything from K-Pop to kimchi.
Shin-Okubo Koreatown map

40. Take a break by the tracks…

The old Manseibashi station complex has undergone an impressive revival and this cool café is its most recognisable symbol. Situated right in between the Chuo Line tracks, N3331 is the perfect place to take a train geek for lunch.
N3331 map and opening hours

88 things to do in Tokyo
1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-88

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