88 things to do in Tokyo, part 5

From the obscure to the obvious, your time in Tokyo starts here

88 things to do in Tokyo, part 5


88 things to do in Tokyo
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41. Savour coffee and curry in quirky surrounds...

The retro furniture betrays this quirky café’s ’70s origins. Rest your eyes on the shop’s aged cat while waiting for your coffee, which is included with all food orders.
Cafe Arles map and opening hours

42. Sample some Japanese wine...

Japan may be relatively new to the wine-producing party, but it’s already creating some impressive plonk. Jip Wine Bar serves homegrown wine by the glass from a rotating list of 20, plus a range of bottles.
Jip Wine Bar map and opening hours

43. Revel in rejuvenated noodles…

A fire destroyed this traditional soba shop in February 2013, leading to a lengthy break in operations and much hand-wringing among Tokyo’s buckwheat noodle enthusiasts. Fortunately enough, Yabusoba rose from the ashes in October 2014 and is now back to serving both excellent soba and a wide variety of tasty side dishes.
Kanda Yabusoba map and opening hours

44. Try the Time Out burger...

Boastful? Yes, but you would be too if you shared your name with a burger as good as this. Enjoy a massive hunk of beefy love in our very own Time Out Café & Diner in Ebisu.
Time Out Café & Diner map and opening hours

45. Catch a cheap rakugo show...

There are only a few places in Tokyo to watch rakugo (comic storytelling), and this venerable Shinjuku theatre is one of them. First-timers should try the Saturday night performances, which cost just ¥500.
Suehirotei map and opening hours

46. Feel the magic of fabric…

Dealing in everything from traditionally dyed fabric to the latest in textile technology and offering a nice selection of clothing and accessories, Nuno is virtually synonymous with superb craftsmanship.
Nuno map and opening hours

47. Let dinner sneak up on you...

Waiters dressed as ninjas usher you through a series of winding wooden corridors at this always-memorable theme restaurant. Others sneak up with menus and food, and there’s also an itinerant magician.
Ninja map and opening hours

48. Shop at a ‘fashion museum’…

Just last year, this long-standing clothing, food and homeware store was remodelled as a ‘fashion museum’. Don’t worry, you can still touch, and buy – and you won’t be able to resist, such is the unprecedented array of items.
Isetan map and opening hours

49. Slurp ramen with cocktails…

Gogyo specialises in pairing ramen with alcohol – anything from sake to wine to cocktails – and is renowned for the signature kogashi (‘burned’) ramen topped with charred fat.
Gogyo map and opening hours

50. Amble around Ameyoko...

A visit to the bustling Ameyoko market, squeezed along the railway tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi stations, feels like a trip into Tokyo’s past – and a loud one, at that.
Ameyoko map and details

88 things to do in Tokyo
1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-88

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