Verdant Yamashita Park is a popular dating spot. The statue in the middle depicts the Little Girl in Red Shoes, based on a Japanese song about the real-life story of Iwasaki Kimi. Born in 1902, she was adopted by American missionaries and thought destined for a life of luxury in the US. But, in fact, Kimi never left Japan: abandoned by her foster parents, she died alone, aged nine, of tuberculosis. Moored beside the park is the 1930s ocean liner Hikawa Maru, whose most famous passenger was Charlie Chaplin.

Tokyo City Guide (Edition 5)


Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Kanagawa

Transport Motomachi-Chukagai station (Minato Mirai line), exit 5.

Telephone 045 641 4362 Hikawa Maru

Open 24hrs daily.

Admission Free


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