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Right by Sensoji Temple, a major tourist attraction, you’ll find the Koen Rokku entertainment district. Asakusa Engei Hall is located right in the midst of it all, and is one of the four theatres in Tokyo hosting Rakugo acts on a regular basis. Although it’s mainly known for Rakugo, you can also enjoy Manzai (stand-up comedy by groups), magic, acrobatic performances and Kodan (professional story-telling). Performers and programs change on the 10th of every month. There are daytime and evening programmes, but you can stay in all day and watch a variety of Japanese traditional culture for an entrance fee of 2500 yen. This venue is also famous for discovering big-name comedians such as Kinichi Hagimoto and Beat Takeshi.



1-43-12, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Transport Tawaramachi station (Ginza line) / Asakusa station ( Ginza line, Tobu Isesaki line, Toei Asakusa line, Tsukuba Express)

Telephone 03 3841 6545

Telephone 03 3841 8126

Open 11:40 - 16:30 / 16:40 - 21:00 daily

Admission Admission ¥2,500 ; ¥1,100 - 2,000 concessions ; additional charge for special stages ; group discount


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