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Asagaya Shinmeiguu Shrine

Around Town  |  Jan 09 2015

Free yourself from bad luck with a special prayer available only at this beautifully ...


Around Town  |  Jan 09 2015

Throw off your inhibitions and bathe with the regulars at this wonderfully old-school sento ...

Hachiko Square Visitor Centre

Around Town  |  Oct 20 2014

Parked for good in front of Shibuya's iconic Hachiko statue, this train carriage was in use on ...

Annon Morning Market

Shops , Around Town  |  Sep 12 2014

With annon meaning a stable comfort, this morning market at Tsukiji Hongan Temple will ...

Yukemuri no Sato

Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  Aug 14 2014

A so-called 'super sento', Yukemuri no Sato is located in Chofu and features a whopping 12 ...

Oogannon Temple

Around Town  |  Jul 30 2014

Work your way up the small staircase to this tiny but charming temple, hidden between a couple ...


Around Town  |  Jul 29 2014

Although somewhat underwhelming in its current appearance, the bridge that gave its name to the ...

Shibamata Baseball Field

Around Town , Sports & Fitness  |  Jul 02 2014

This field located along the Edo River hosts the annual Katsushika Fireworks Festival.


Around Town  |  Jun 30 2014

This studio and kitchen space is available to rent for all manner of functions, be it a photo ...

TIC Tokyo

Around Town  |  Jun 25 2014

Planning to extend your travels beyond Tokyo? This Japan National Tourism Organization-run ...

Sumida River Terrace

Around Town , Sports & Fitness  |  May 30 2014

Joggers love this riverside route that runs along both sides of the Sumida River from Ryogoku ...

Nishirokugo Park (Tire Park)

Around Town  |  May 15 2014

Eternally popular with local kids, this park features a variety of obstacles built with old ...


Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  May 14 2014

Soak in black, mineral-rich hot spring water at this comfy sento (public bathhouse), located on ...

Zenpukuji Park

Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  Apr 30 2014

Located in a sleepy residential area right in between Nishi-Ogikubo and Kamishakuji stations, ...

Asagaya Anime Street

Shops , Around Town  |  Mar 11 2014

The new mecca of anime, Asagaya Anime Street, opened in spring 2014 under the railway tracks ...

Yokojikkengawa Shinsui Park

Around Town  |  Feb 19 2014

Built on reclaimed land by the Yokojikken River, this waterside park features boat rentals and ...

Palace Cycling Course

Around Town , Sports & Fitness  |  Feb 19 2014

Running by the Imperial Palace moat from the north side of Hibiya Park to the north of the ...

Karasumori Shrine

Around Town  |  Feb 19 2014

Many Shinbashi salarymen say their daily prayers at this small shrine located just a short walk ...

Nonowa Higashi-Koganei

Shops , Restaurants & Cafés , Around Town  |  Jan 23 2014

Following the example of other area stations along the Chuo line, Higashi-Koganei got its very ...

Shozoku Inari Shrine

Around Town  |  Dec 27 2013

Located just a quick walk from Oji Station, this shrine is famous for its annual New Year's ...

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