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DJ A. Mochi: the interview

Clubs  |  Feb 10 2011

Bridging the techno gap between Tokyo and Berlin


15 minutes with… Josh Klinghoffer

Music  |  Feb 09 2015

We chat to the Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist and Dot Hacker frontman


61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

Art , Music , Around Town , Art & Culture  |  Oct 03 2014

Naruyoshi Kikuchi: the interview

Music  |  Oct 05 2012

War, madness and Lupin III: the saxophonist and DCPRG leader tells all


DJ Krush: the interview

Clubs  |  Jul 26 2011

On jam sessions, Serato and the why the shakuhachi is cool


Sea✩A: 100% Moe, 0% Japanese

Music  |  Aug 08 2011

Meet the latest idol group import


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: PonPonPon

Music  |  Jul 09 2011

The new queen of Harajuku has a PV out. Let us know what you think


Maia Barouh: Top 5 songs

Music  |  Jan 04 2011

French-Japanese artist names the five Japanese songs she wants you to hear


Taicoclub Camps ‘10

Music  |  Aug 10 2010

Small and satisfying, with more outdoor music fun for autumn

Tour Shibuya's record stores

Clubs , Music , Around Town  |  Jan 06 2015

Indulge yourself in a hunt for quality tunes

Nishi-Azabu club Eleven due to close

Clubs  |  May 08 2013

The Tokyo hotspot formerly known as Space Lab Yellow is shutting its doors... again


Clark: the interview

Music  |  Apr 10 2012

The Warp Records producer waxes ‘Iradelphic’ on the eve of his Tokyo trip


Hikashu: the interview

Music  |  Apr 04 2012

From techno-pop to throat singing: Koichi Makigami tells all


We Are The Works In Progress

Music  |  Jan 31 2012

Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino talks about her new Japan benefit album


Photo gallery: Battles at Fuji Rock '11

Music  |  Aug 03 2011

Tech-enhanced rock trio, plus a few virtual friends


Lady Gaga gets her YouTube account suspended

Music  |  Jul 14 2011

Lesson learned: you do not mess with SMAP x SMAP


Lady Gaga: the interview

Music  |  May 25 2011

'People love the chaos in my brain, but I'm terrified of it'


Towa Tei: the interview

Clubs  |  May 18 2011

No, Deee-Lite won't be getting back together


Songs on our doorstep: Tenniscoats

Music  |  May 13 2011

Experimental duo drop by for fun with music and balloons


Party animals, hit the town

Clubs  |  Dec 28 2009

The best venues for dancing into the New Year

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