The Act We Act: Ittekimasu

Unhinged experimental rock... with added saxophone

The Act We Act: Ittekimasu

Hailing from Toyota, Aichi, The Act We Act peddle a virulently noxious kind of skronk. On Ittekimasu, they often recall the Captain Beefheart-inflected hardcore of early Aburadako and Boredoms, though Pere Ubu's genre-collapsing sonic experiments might be a better point of reference. The band's secret weapon is soprano saxophonist Kei Sato, whose vigorous blowing gives a fierce, free jazz heft to the proceedings – no more so than when he's wigging out over a churning bed of guitar discordance on the mammoth 'Restructure -Song for Kurata-', which runs to over 9 minutes. Elsewhere, The Act We Act are a lot pithier: two of the songs here clock in at under 40 seconds, but pack all the intensity of being savaged by a raccoon.

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By James Hadfield
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