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Himonya Dobutsu Hiroba is a great little place for families with young 'uns. Aimed at children below junior high school age, the kids get the chance to bother guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and even ponies. The latter come with a nominal price tag (150 yen per ride), but the others are subject to a real live free-for-all. Renting a rowing boat on the nearby lake is so cheap it's almost free, too, costing a mere 100 yen per 30 minutes for a boat.


Himonya Park, Himonya 6-9-31, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Transport Gakugeidaigaku Station (Tokyu Toyoko line)

Telephone 03 3714 1548

Open 10am-11.30am, 1.30pm-3pm

Admission Free


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