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Bars , Clubs  |  May 28 2015

The more intimate cousin of Le Baron de Paris next door, Amour offers four small rooms suitable ...


Bars  |  Jan 09 2015

The figurines, DVDs and comic books lying around are impressive, sure, but the true attraction ...

Hammond Orgasm

Bars  |  Apr 22 2014

This is one of those bars you’d never find unless someone told you it existed, although funnily ...


Bars  |  Apr 22 2014

With moody indigo lighting, a stage set with drums and keyboard, the owner’s 50-odd personal ...

Rock'n Kitchen Janis

Bars  |  Apr 04 2014

The owner at this small Kabukicho bar is a former singer and a huge fan of Janis Joplin – it ...


Restaurants & Cafés  |  Dec 04 2013

You'll find Inakamura just a minute's walk from JR Koiwa Station. This shop offers a friendly, ...


Clubs , Film , Music , Performing Arts , Art & Culture , Bars & Clubs  |  Oct 30 2013

This entertainment district certainly has a rather questionable reputation, but it also ...

Grande Shibuya

Museums & Attractions  |  Jul 08 2013

The Pasela Resorts chain operates some of Tokyo's fanciest karaoke joints, and they've upped ...


Bars  |  Jan 31 2013

Housed in an unremarkable building on the Aoyama side of Shibuya Station, this might be Tokyo's ...

Studio Himawari

Bars  |  Jan 31 2013

Serving karaoke with a twist, the owners of this Kabukicho 'snack' bar accompany their ...

Karaoke Kan (Harajuku)

Museums & Attractions  |  Dec 11 2012

If you fancy a warble after a hard day of shopping in Harajuku, you should be able to get a ...

Shidax Village Club

Museums & Attractions  |  Feb 09 2012

The main branch of karaoke chain Shidax boasts a restaurant and themed rooms: just what you ...

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