Japan Vs USA: Tokyo predictions

Video: What does Shibuya know about its national team?

Japan Vs USA: Tokyo predictions

It crept up on us out of nowhere, but the feeling that Japan may be on the verge of soccer history was palpable by Friday morning. Until last week, you'd have been hard pressed to find a Japanese person who cared two yen for women's soccer, but with their recent success at the FIFA Women's World Cup Finals in Germany, the so-called Nadeshiko (named after a species of plant, translated as Large Pink) is suddenly on everyone's lips.

So... Japan Vs USA. The Women's World Cup Final. Seriously, how did that happen? To get a better understanding of the Nadeshiko and their followers, we decided to hit the Shibuya streets to find out exactly what the average Jo and Yoko know. Check out the video below to see what Jon Wilks and Daisuke Nishimura discovered.

The FIFA Women's World Cup Final between Japan and USA will kickoff at 8.45pm, July 17 (3.45am, July 18, Japan time). Click here for information on where the Japan Vs USA game will be shown in Tokyo

By Jon Wilks
By Daisuke Nishimura
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