5 Karaoke chocolate choices

Valentine's Day means chocolate. Eat it, sing about it, bathe in it...

5 Karaoke chocolate choices

5 to try: Japanese songs serenading the delights of Valentine's chocolate

Perfume: Chocolate Disco (2007)

Like chocolate, Perfume's 'Chocolate Disco' is not to everyone's taste. Light, fluffy, vacuous, headache inducing. It's all things to all people. Now take it away; we're in danger of ruining our health.

Shoujo Jidai: Chocolate Love (2009)

The ever-so-kinkily titled 'Chocolate Love' demands more from the consumer than the Perfume title above — funky in an almost Kylie sense. More to get your teeth into. We like.

AKB48: Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate (2009)

A spirited live performance from the irrepressible AKB48 here. Just goes to show the power of the brown stuff.

Sayuri Kokushu: Valentine Kiss (1986)

They certainly don't make them like they did in the old days. Thank goodness.

Misia: Royal Chocolate Flush (2007)

Misia brings us back to a more contemporary world with this big bucks performance on a brown table top. In a brown mansion. Wearing brown clothes. A theme emerges...

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