Things to do this week in Tokyo

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Things to do this week in Tokyo

Things to do this week in Tokyo
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Monday 16

Fashion Week Cocktail Runway
The spring edition of Fashion Week kicks off in earnest today, but getting into the actual runway shows can be harder than infiltrating a military base. At least fashionistas have these fancy cocktails to look forward to. Read more

Tuesday 17

His Own Selection: Kazuyuki Izutsu
Active since the '70s, Japanese director Kazuyuki Izutsu actually started out directing softcore porn before moving on to themes like organised crime and quirky social realism. Catch a few of his best flicks from today. Read more

Sun Kil Moon
Making his long-awaited Japan debut tonight, Mark Kozelek is set to enchant Tokyoites with the aching melodies, hushed dramatics and boxing references that have turned many a music lover on to his peerless songwriting. Read more

Wednesday 18

Jakuchu and Buson
Working in the mid-Edo period, Kyoto-based painters Ito Jakuchu and Yosa Buson came to make indelible marks on Japanese art history with their experimental work, which comes into focus at Midtown from today. Read more

Thursday 19

Ippudo Seasonal Ramen
Ramen can be seasonal too – at least that's what world-conquering chain Ippudo is trying to convince Tokyoites of with this one-day event celebrating founder Shigemi Kawahara's vaunted spring specials. Read more

The Charlatans
Returning to Japan with their first new material since the sad death of drummer Jon Brookes, Tim Burgess and his baggy Britpop brigade wheel out the old organ-heavy favourites tonight in Shibuya. Read more

Friday 20

Art Fair Tokyo
Once again taking over an entire exhibition hall at Tokyo International Forum, this gargantuan art show features around 130 galleries, making for an excellent introduction to the Japanese contemporary art scene. Read more

Food Nations Meat Fes Market
Sure, it's happening way out in Saitama's Urawa, but no (rail)road is too long for carnivores looking to taste delicacies like prime rib bentos, foie gras hamburg steaks and meat sushi at very reasonable prices. Read more

Kohei Nawa: Force
Focusing on how liquid interacts with gravity, Kyoto-based artist Kohei Nawa's latest large-scale installation consists of synthetic materials frozen into sculpture-like forms, allowing for a wide range of interpretations. Read more

Group Inou
Rapper Cp and beat wizard Imai are at least as well known for their fascination with dolphins as they are for their energetic, screamy sound. For something to clear your head on Friday night, this one looks ideal. Read more

Saturday 21

Tokyo Outdoor Weekend
Setting up shop at Toyosu's artificial beach, Tokyo Outdoor Weekend returns for two days of action, including fashion shows, a crafts market, yoga and slacklining classes, plus hot new gear and easy-going live music. Read more

AnimeJapan 2015
The world’s largest anime industry event can be a little overwhelming, but it's still well worth it for fans: in addition to the performances, exhibits and new unveilings, the cosplay area offers entertainment in spades. Read more

Shibuya Fashion Week
The more accessible alternative to Tokyo Fashion Week, Shibuya's street version climaxes today with a show at Konno Hachimangu Shrine, while sales campaigns are going on at most of the area's major retailers. Read more

Tokyo Dome Beer Garden
March is barely halfway, but some adventurous and cold-resistant drinkers already seem to be hankering for outdoor boozing. Coming to the rescue is Tokyo Dome's annual al fresco beer bash, open and running now. Read more

Osaka Expo '70 Design Project
The first world's fair held in Japan, Osaka's 1970 Expo is remembered for its all-star cast of postwar artists, including Taro Okamoto, Kenzo Tange and Tadanori Yokoo. Look back at their work at Takebashi from today. Read more

Disco! Disco!! Disco!!!
Few people know how to work a Tokyo dancefloor like Daniel Wang. This prime exponent of dub disco brings his very own party back to Daikanyama's Air tonight, with local powers Nori and Muro also joining the ride. Read more

Sunday 22

Happy Day Tokyo
Cheer up and mark the UN-approved International Day of Happiness in Hibiya Park, where talks, art shows, gigs, film screenings, fitness events and much more take place from morning to late afternoon. Read more

Return of the Rudeboy
Don your best mohair suits and thin ties, boys, because Rudeboy culture is making a comeback. First held in London last year, this ultra-stylish show now lands in Harajuku for a hotly anticipated one-week run. Read more

Tokyu Plaza Shibuya Closing
A victim of the redevelopment storm currently engulfing the Shibuya Station area, Tokyu Plaza will be closing its doors for good after today. Say goodbye to the 50-year-old complex and grab a cheap bite while you're at it. Read more

Vinnie Nylon: Nylonatronik
Before there was Banksy, there was Vinnie Nylon: inspired by punk, skateboarding culture and the peace movement, this pioneer of British street art has been at it since the early '80s, and now makes his Tokyo debut. Read more

Inco Kitchen x Kotori Café
Kichijoji's Kotori Café is rolling out the cute edibles for spring, offering parakeet curry and bird-shaped sweets for patrons to snack on while hanging out with the around 25 live birds housed inside the café. Read more

Botticelli and the Renaissance in Florence
Shining a light on art masterpieces of the Florentine Renaissance, as well as on the social and political circumstances of the era, this Bunkamura exhibit is a comprehensive look at this golden age of the arts. Read more

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