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Catching an early flight or arriving late in the night can be a pain when it comes to Narita Airport. Fortunately enough, summer 2014 saw the opening of a 24-hour capsule hotel right next to Narita's Terminal 2 (albeit in a less-than-glamorous parking garage basement). With overnight rates starting from ¥3,900, this is a major relief for those who have to spend the night far out in Chiba but don't want to shell out ¥10,000 or more for a standard airport hotel room. Hourly stays are also possible, with the first hour costing ¥1,500 and every 60 minutes after that setting you back ¥500, while those who just want to take a shower and sit down for a bit will be admitted as well.


Narita Airport Terminal 2 Parking Tower B1F, 1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba

Transport Airport Terminal 2 Station (Narita Express, Keisei line)

Telephone 0476 33 5109

Open Open 24 hours


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