Cheap hotels in Tokyo

5 places to lay your head, all for ¥3,000 and under

Cheap hotels in Tokyo

カオサン東京 忍者店/ Khaosan Tokyo 'Ninja' Hotel

In these days of financial uncertainty, cheap hotels in Tokyo are a high priority for many of Japan's inbound tourists. Never fear, folks: Time Out Tokyo is here with a round-up of five very reasonable options. We're not talking luxury accomodation, of course, but at ¥3,000 or less, you'll certainly have a few yen left over to spend at Disneyland. Here's what we've found.

Khaosan Guest House | From ¥2,200
Khaosan has made a decent name for itself on the Asian backpacking circuit over the last few years, with no less than nine hotels opening across Japan, six of which you'll find in the capital. A nice communal spot. Read more

Capsule Inn Komagome | From ¥2,800
Japan may be famed for its capsule hotels, but it's only fairly recently that women have been allowed in on the secret. This cheap Tokyo hotel comes with a women-only floor and a pleasant sauna to boot. Read more

Hotel Fukusen | From ¥2,850
Fukusen offers the traditional Japanese experience, complete with kotatsu tables, roll-out futons and, er, wireless internet. That it does all this for as little as ¥2,850 a night is impressive indeed. Read more

Palace Japan Hotel | From ¥2,700
Palace Japan opened early in 2011 and seems to be catering largely to the backpacking community. It's exceptionally cheap and still in good nick, with all the necessary extras (read: free wi-fi). Read more

Economy Hotel Hoteiya | From ¥2,600
This is one of Tokyo's cheapest hotels for a positive reason. The concept is similar to that of easyJet and other no-frills companies – minimal, though not Spartan; comfortable, possibly even cosy. Read more

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