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Around Town  |  Jun 13 2014

※Pre-opening on June 25, 2014Designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan, this former ...

Yokohama Chinatown

Major venue
Around Town  |  Jan 18 2012

Japan's largest Chinatown dates back to 1859, when the opening of Yokohama's port led to an ...

Tokyo Yumenoshima Marina

Around Town  |  Mar 17 2015

Tokyo's most spacious marina is a nice spot for a romantic walk by the sea, and is also home to ...

Sooo Dramatic!

Around Town , Art & Culture  |  Feb 10 2015

City developers Dramatic, known for setting up artistic hubs and bringing new life to run-down ...

Atago Shrine

Around Town  |  Nov 04 2014

Located on the top of Ibaraki's Mt Atago, this collection of shrines is known for its annual ...

Edo Sakura-dori

Around Town  |  Jul 31 2014

The cherry blossom trees here were re-planted as recently as 2005, so they are still relatively ...

Oogannon Temple

Around Town  |  Jul 30 2014

Work your way up the small staircase to this tiny but charming temple, hidden between a couple ...

Shibamata Baseball Field

Around Town , Sports & Fitness  |  Jul 02 2014

This field located along the Edo River hosts the annual Katsushika Fireworks Festival.

Ogunohara Park

Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  Jun 11 2014

Constructed in the early 1990s on the site of a former chemical factory, this calm, spacious ...

Toyama Park

Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  May 23 2014

This city park is divided into two separate areas, namely the western Okubo section and the ...

Zenpukuji Park

Museums & Attractions , Around Town  |  Apr 30 2014

Located in a sleepy residential area right in between Nishi-Ogikubo and Kamishakuji stations, ...

Fukagawa Gatharia

Shops , Around Town  |  Nov 06 2013

This shopping centre opened in front of Kiba Station in November 2000. The sizeable complex ...

Meguro Fudoson Ryusen-ji

Around Town  |  Oct 23 2013

The Ryusen-ji temple, commonly referred to as Meguro Fudo, belongs to the Tendai sect. The ...

Sky Charter Cruise

Around Town  |  Jul 30 2013

What better way to see the sights of Tokyo/feel like a billionaire than with a helicopter ride? ...

Sky Duck

Around Town  |  Jul 24 2013

When a conventional tour just won’t do, hop aboard this amphibious bus, which plies the streets ...

Shido Juku

Performing Arts , Around Town  |  Jul 24 2013

A regular fixture in Japanese period dramas, stage swordfighting experts Shido Juku also hold ...

Tokyo Summerland

Around Town , Sports & Fitness  |  Jul 05 2013

Tokyo Summerland is the embodiment of the old adage that one man's paradise is another man's ...

Yasaka Shrine

Around Town  |  May 24 2013

Sky Aquarium III, Roppongi

Around Town  |  Jul 13 2011

After taking last year off, Sky Aquarium at Roppongi Hills returns this summer to offer the ...

Yurakucho Asahi Hall

Around Town  |  Jun 21 2011

Multi-purpose venue that includes a gallery space and theatre, the latter being put to good use ...

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