61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

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1. Meet a Czech master

Masterful conductor and regular Japan visitor Radomil Eliška directs the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra at this concert that will see performances of a number of pieces connected to the Czech Republic, Eliška’s homeland.

Oct 30
Radomil Eliška & Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo

2. Immerse yourself in Renaissance art

See masterpieces like ‘Pallas and the Centaur’ from Florence’s Uffizi Gallery at this exhibition showcasing Florentine art from the 15th and 16th centuries. A total of 80 works by masters like Botticelli will be displayed.

Oct 11-Dec 14
Arte a Firenze da Botticelli a Bronzino: verso una ‘maniera moderna’

3. Sense the art in everyday life

Displaying pieces made of materials closely linked with daily life, this exhibit consists of work by six groups of creatives who participated in the recent residence program organised by the Tokyo Wonder Site art centre.

Oct 11-Nov 30
Unseen Daily Life

4. Gaze upon daring designs

The concept at this design fair is ‘See, touch, buy’, and that’s exactly what you can do while browsing pop-up shops like Asian Creative and Hay. The former offers a selection of the latest in Asian design, while the latter focuses on furniture and accessories from Denmark.

Oct 24-Nov 3
Daikanyama Design Department 2014

5. Taste tea in the great outdoors

Always wanted to learn more about the Japanese tea ceremony, but never found a suitable opportunity? Well, then you won't have any excuses not to attend this event, where everyone from first-timers to tea masters get together.

Sep 27-28 & Oct 11-12
Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2014

6. Make new friends through art

As the title suggests, this event looks at the connecting power of art, including the forging of ties between genres and the ability of art to strengthen communities, through a variety of talks and seminars.

Oct 11
Art Bridge Institute Forum: The Connectivity of Art

7. Focus on animation

Tokyo's top cinematic extravaganza will be back in late October as usual, with this year's edition focusing on animation through the work of Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno and others.

Oct 23-31
Tokyo International Film Festival 2014

8. Catch a masterful play

The third part in the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre’s popular series of Hideki Noda plays staged by up-and-coming directors, this one sees Takahiro Fujita of the young and energetic Mum & Gypsy theatre group take the reins.

Until Oct 13
Memory of the Little Finger

9. Polish your street performing

Ever thought you have what it takes to make some extra cash clowning on the street? Well, attending this workshop, which takes up questions like how to best present your show and what passers-by find interesting, might just make that dream a reality.

Nov 4-Dec 25
Street Artist Academy 2014 Winter

10. Get drawn in by a heartrending story

Renowned director and playwright Hideki Noda helped transform manga artist Moto Hagio’s tragic short story Half Gods into a critically acclaimed play, one that will now be performed for the first time in 15 years.

Oct 24-31
Half Gods

11. Wrap yourself in a sea of bubbles

Contemporary artist Shinji Ohmaki takes over Senju Asahi Park, known locally as Taroyama Park, for this performance that will see him release massive amounts of sparkling soup bubbles and transform the area into a dreamland.

Nov 2
Shinji Ohmaki: Memorial Rebirth Senju 2014 Taroyama

12. Make music from puns

This curious project brings together 1,010 participants in a mass performance focusing on puns and wordplays, all of which will eventually be turned into an epic piece of music on the spot. Composers from Thailand and Indonesia will be on hand to help with the creation, which includes both unconventional contrivances and traditional instruments from a variety of countries.

Oct 12
Makoto Nomura: Pun-Filled Music Festival in Senju – 1010 People in Senju

13. Be moved by 'pure art'

This touching exhibition displays paintings, needle works and more, created by artists with Down's syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Often referred to as art immaculé or 'pure art', these works will surely put a smile on your face.

Until Oct 8
Art as a Haven of Happiness

14. Appreciate a violin prodigy

Led by Kent Nagano, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra returns to Japan after a six-year hiatus. Performances include Debussy’s La mer, while former child prodigy Ryu Goto will be showing off his skills on the violin.

Oct 10
Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

15. Bring your kids to the museum

Nine museums in and around Ueno Park team up to attract the young ‘uns with a program that makes doing the rounds an exciting adventure. Pick up the special map and start exploring.

Oct 4 & 5, Nov 8, Dec 6
Museum Start i-Ueno / Good Day i-Ueno

16. Dive into Michel Gondry’s visual world

Quirky director Michel Gondry’s worldview is on display at this exhibit, which presents the simple tricks like perspectives, mirrors, stop motion and reverse footage he uses to transform daily life into a dreamlike existence. Don’t miss this rare chance to look behind Gondry’s camera and into his mind.

Until Jan 4, 2015
Around Michel Gondry's World

17. See kabuki come together with street dance

Taking on the challenge of fusing American street dance with traditional Japanese performing arts, this event should be a can't-miss for dance enthusiasts.

Sep 27
Traditional Performing Arts × Street Dance Part 2

18. See art spanning across generations

The Museum of Contemporary Art’s permanent collection explores postwar art from a range of perspectives and themes. This exhibit consists of select pieces from that collection, forming a display of art reaching across generations, genres and styles, and providing the opportunity for a comprehensive look at the current state of contemporary art.

Until Jan 4, 2015
Twentieth Anniversary MOT Collection: Contacts

19. Imagine the city in monochrome again

Starting out in 1930, photographer Koji Morooka spent 50 years shooting downtown Tokyo, witnessing the city’s transformation from the prewar years all the way up to the late Showa period. This display draws on his entire body of work, showcasing photos of the Ginza area along with accompanying materials to draw a fascinating story of changing cultures and trends.

Oct 7-Nov 30
The Modern City: Memories of Ginza – 50 Years of Photography by Koji Morooka

20. Explore a fusion of the traditional and the contemporary

Take a look at a a wide range of forms of expression and new possibilities in art at this event that sees actor Mansai Nomura take over as general advisor. The focus is on performing arts both past and present, all of which are explored and rearranged by multimedia means.

Until Jan 4, 2015
Tokyo Art Meeting V: Seeking New Genealogies – Bodies/Leaps/Traces

21. Marvel at the skills of master craftsmen

Held at the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum, this event will feature live demonstrations of traditional craft techniques, many of which can also be tried for yourself. Take this rare opportunity to watch masters in action and let them help you craft your own unique creations.

Oct 11-12
Experience, Discover – The Work of the Artisan

22. Go beyond audio conventions

Exploring the possibilities of sound and music from a variety of perspectives, this innovative festival has reached its third edition and centres on a number of collaborative projects by North American and Japanese experimental artists.

Nov 5-6, 11, 17 & 23; Dec 2-4 & 27-28
Sound Live Tokyo

23. Have a hearty laugh

Consisting of talks and performances, this event explores the similarities and differences between traditional kyogen comedy and the flourishing modern Japanese comedy scene. Expect an all-star cast of performers.

Oct 7
Japanese Comedy – Traditional and Contemporary

24. Take a comprehensive look at a museum

Take this guided tour to learn all there is to know about the architecture of the Kunio Maekawa-designed Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Should be a great option for those less than enamoured with the current exhibits.

Nov 15
Architecture Tour

25. Look back at the first Tokyo Olympics

Commemorating half a century since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the associated start of bullet train (Shinkansen) service, this exhibition displays around 400 items from those heady days of rapid economic growth, including Olympic paraphernalia and the ’three sacred treasures’ – TV, fridge and washing machine.

Until Nov 16
Tokyo Olympics and the Bullet Train

26. Trace the origins of Japanese film

Kamata celebrates its illustrious cinematic heritage with this festival that sees film screenings take place all around the area. Stroll around the neighbourhood and imagine yourself back in the swinging ‘20s.

Oct 10-19
2nd Kamata Film Festival: Cinema Paradise Kamata

27. Stare at special structures

This three-part lecture series focuses on buildings constructed in Japan from ancient times to modernity and now takes up the theme of stand-out structures in the Tokai, Kyushu and Shikoku regions.

Oct 24, Nov 21, Dec 12
Excellent Buildings of Japan vol. 6: Tokai, Kyushu, Shikoku

28. Step back into the past

Take a step back into old Japan with some geisha dances and rakugo, the traditional form of comic storytelling that flourished among Edo's merchant classes. Pieces like the Edo-era vaudeville 'Momokawa', performed by Shozo Hayashiya, and the 'Hitori Sakamori', performed by Gontaro Yanagiya, should be particular highlights.

Oct 5
Rakugo: Traditional Storytelling and Traditional Geisha Dances

29. Hang out with emerging artists

Tokyo Wonder Wall, the project for discovering promising young artists that’s been going on in the city since 2000, helped put together this display of pieces by up-and-coming talent exhibiting at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art’s Tokyo Wonder Wall show.

Oct 4-26, Nov 1-24, Nov 29-Dec 21, Jan 10-Feb 1
TWS-Emerging 2014

30. Listen to a sound experiment

Playing on the theme of cutting-edge sounds and music, the Tokyo Experimental Festival’s program revolves around two months of performances and sound installations.

TEF Performance Oct 31-Nov 16, TEF Sound Installation Dec 6 2014 - Jan 18 2015, Ken'ichi Nakagawa x John Cage: Sonata and Interludes Jan 18 2015
Tokyo Experimental Festival – Sound, Art & Performance

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61 things to do at Tokyo Creative Weeks

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