Discover Tokyo's secrets on a very special tour

Organised by Time Out Tokyo, the Heineken ‘Secret Tokyo Tour’ takes you behind the scenes of our city

Discover Tokyo's secrets on a very special tour

To commemorate the 140th anniversary of Heineken, one of the world’s top premium beers, this Dutch-born brewery has begun distributing a special slim-neck bottle all around the world. This year, Heineken also brings you the City Campaign, featuring the names of six world cities in the bottle design. Themed ‘Open your City’, the idea is to prompt you to try and experience new things, rediscovering all the fun hidden in the back yards and on the narrow alleys of your city.

Heineken’s six City Bottles will be released for a limited time this year, with bottles featuring New York, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo to be sold in Japan. Starting from early October, regular Heineken bottles will be replaced by these limited-edition bottles, allowing you to find your favourite or collect them all. Grab the bottle of your choice and quench that autumn thirst with an ice-cold Heineken!

Combining the support of Heineken with the knowledge of Time Out Tokyo, we’re now proud to present the Secret Tokyo Tour: four lucky couples (eight persons in total) will be taken to five ‘secret spots’ in the city, chosen by Time Out Tokyo’s local experts. As long as you read and speak Japanese, you now have a chance to get a unique Tokyo experience at hidden haunts usually open only to well-connected insiders.

The tour is scheduled for mid-October. Winners will be taken around the city in a Heineken Star Cab, discovering Tokyo’s secrets with a brew in hand and no practicalities to worry about. For applications, please refer to the Japanese version of this page.

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