101 things to do in Roppongi

Where to eat, shop and play in ‘High Touch Town’

101 things to do in Roppongi

101 things to do in Roppongi
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51. Chow on pho for lunch

Vietnamese pho noodles are the speciality of this eatery, whose out-of-the-way location hasn't stopped it becoming a popular lunch spot. Just leave some space for the spring rolls too.
Pho Dragon. 1-11-13 Nishi-Azabu. Map and opening hours

52. Appreciate the art of Japanese confections

Toraya has been crafting wagashi (Japanese traditional confections) since the early 16th century. Besides its main shop, this branch also houses a café and gallery, and stocks a wonderful range of traditional souvenirs.
Toraya Tokyo Midtown. Tokyo Midtown Galleria B1, 9-7-4 Akasaka. Map and opening hours

53. Ogle at some gender-bending dancers

Even by Roppongi's standards, a visit to Kingyo can be a real eye-opener: those dishy damsels performing in the evening shows are actually all transvestites and transsexuals.
Roppongi Kingyo. 3-14-17 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

54. Choose quirky crafts

Putting a quirky twist on traditional crafts, Blue & White has been surprising customers with its original handiwork for 40 years now. Visit them for an interesting selection of yukata and tenugui.
Blue & White. 2-9-2 Azabu-Juban. Map and opening hours

55. Slip into a posh supper club

Roppongi’s moneyed expats have been flocking to this lounge/restaurant since it opened at the end of 2011, for modern American cuisine, good cocktails and a decent cigar menu.
R2 Supperclub. 7-14-23 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

56. Sink espressos at the bar

Celebrity barista Chihiro Yokoyama oversees this Italian-style café and standing bar, where an espresso costs just ¥160 when you drink it at the counter.
Bar Del Sole. 6-8-14 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

57. Wrap yourself in a ‘pastoral’ towel

The towels are organised according to ‘touch’ – from ‘crispy’ and ‘silky’ to ‘mother’ and ‘pastoral’ – at this specialist shop in Roppongi Hills. Yup: pastoral. They also stock a range of comfy casualwear.
Touch. 4F Roppongi Hills West Walk, 6-10-1 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

58. Experience a Japanese-style cabaret club

Tantra Artistic Lounge is the most prestigious members lounge in Tokyo. Look forward to artistic pole dancing, fire shows, a bevy of beautiful hostesses and some celebrity spotting. They also have a restaurant and karaoke facilities.
Tantra Tokyo. B2F, 3-9-5 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

59. Snuggle up at the fireside

Putting an upmarket spin on the robatayaki (open-hearth) cooking beloved of Japanese fishermen, Inakaya serves succulent grilled seafood and vegetables in a vibrant setting.
Inakaya East. 5-3-4 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

60. Delve into a bazaar of the bizarre

At this 24-hour variety goods discount store, you can find a range of items such as food and beverages, daily essentials, home electronics and brand-name goods. They accept credit cards and foreign currencies, and of course, all items are duty-free.
Don Quijote. 3-14-10 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

61. Grab a deep-fried lunch

If you spot a queue in the area, it’s probably leading to this weekday lunch spot that serves up large-sized lunch sets featuring big portions of deep-fried deliciousness. Get there early because they stop serving food once they're out of rice.
Nishi-Azabu Mikawaya. 1-13-15 Nishi-Azabu. Map and opening hours

62. Grab some game

The restaurant's modern and finely crafted dishes make the most of ingredients like fresh fish and aged meats, while still being reasonably priced. Be sure to check out the seasonal game on offer.
Le Petit Marché. 2F Roppongi Bldg, 6-1-12 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

63. Put a modern twist on tradition

Traditional Japanese craftsmanship gets a contemporary update at The Cover Nippon, the dream souvenir shop for people with impeccable taste and bottomless wallets.
The Cover Nippon. 3F Galleria, Tokyo Midtown, 9-7-3 Akasaka. Map and opening hours

64. Hit an avant-garde hangout

A haven for adventurously minded Tokyoites, this basement venue hosts improv gigs, dance shows and Pecha Kucha nights – as well as serving the highly quaffable Tokyo Ale.
SuperDeluxe. B1F, 3-1-25 Nishi-Azabu. Map and opening hours

65. Sample soba with an international twist

Koichi Kobari closed his popular soba joint in NYC to open this Roppongi shop, and SoHo's loss was our gain. Even measured against the far stiffer local competition, Honmura An's noodles are superb.
Honmura An. 7-14-18 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

66. Calm down at a hidden temple

If you're looking for a moment of repose, head across the road from the Grand Hyatt Tokyo to this small temple, an urban oasis amidst the bustle of Roppongi.
Myozenji Temple. 3-2-13 Nishi-Azabu. Map and opening hours

67. Be surprised by Chinese curry rice

Heard the rumour that Chinese restaurants serve some of the tastiest curry rice? Kohien proves it to be true. Their Chinese cuisine, meanwhile, is affordable and top quality.
Kohien. 2F, 3-8-15 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

68. Relax in the green heart of Roppongi

The creators of Roppongi Hills had the good sense to incorporate a traditional Japanese garden into the complex: a serene spot that offsets its high-tech surroundings.
Mohri Garden. 6 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

69. Head to karaoke heaven

Balinese decor, a mind-bogglingly diverse selection of songs, decent food and a bar themed after RPG series Dragon Quest... what more could you want from a karaoke box?
Pasela Resorts Roppongi. 5-16-3 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

70. Watch the game

Legends sports bar has become a hotspot for watching football, drawing in large crowds with its big-screen TVs and appropriate menu of pizzas, chicken wings, French fries and beers.
Legends Sports Bar and Grill. Aoba Roppongi Bldg. 1F, 3-16-33 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

71. End your night with ramen

Hakata based ramen shop Akanoren opened its Tokyo branch in 1978 as the first Hakata-style ramen shop to arrive in the Kanto region. Its standard ramen (¥700) comes with thin, flat noodles swimming in a tonkotsu (pork bone) soup enriched with soy sauce. Open till 5am.
Akanoren. 2-34-30 Minami-Aoyama. Map and opening hours

72. Tour a top art museum

The undulating glass facade is worth a trip in itself, but the National Art Center, Tokyo also hosts some superb exhibitions. Well, it has to: it doesn't have a permanent collection of its own.
The National Art Center, Tokyo. 7-22-2 Roppongi. Map and opening hours

73. Pig out on mock pork

You won't find any meat or fish (or garlic, onions or shallots) on the menu at this vegetarian Taiwanese eatery, but the flavours are enough to keep even hardened carnivores happy.
Chien-Fu. 4F Sai Bldg, 2-1-22 Nishi-Azabu. Map and opening hours

74. Soak up some eclectic sounds

Once an underground playhouse called Jiyu Gekijo ('free theatre'), this Nishi-Azabu basement has been reborn as a concert venue, hosting everything from world music to experimental improv.
Shinsekai. B1, 1-8-4 Nishi-Azabu. Map and opening hours

75. Treat yourself to carrot cake

It only takes a glance at the countertop display case – crammed with carrot cake, blondies, buckles and brownies – to know this NYC-style bakery is the real deal.
Hudson Market Bakers. 1-8-6 Azabu-Juban. Map and opening hours

101 things to do in Roppongi
1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75 | 76-101

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