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This temple was perhaps partly to blame for Nara losing its role as capital city. The emperor wanted to distance the court from the powerful temples, and Kofuku-ji was the epitome. Founded by the mighty Fujiwara clan in south-eastern Kyoto in 669, it was moved twice to stay close to the seat of power. At its peak, Kofuku-ji was a military and political force, but when the Fujiwara clan’s influence waned, so did interest in their temple. Just a handful of buildings remain, although one is Japan’s second-largest pagoda and another contains the remnants of the Fujiwara’s treasure.

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Review updated October 2009



48 Noborioji-cho, Nara

Telephone 074 222 4096

Open 9am-5pm daily.

Admission Admission Grounds free. Eastern Golden Hall ¥300. Treasure Museum ¥500.

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