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Football and music mix for the Japan vs Cameroon match


With the World Cup finally underway, Monday June 14 saw Japan’s Samurai Blue team take to the pitch opposite the host continent’s Cameroon contingent, for their first Group E match of the cup. In addition to the ‘formidable lion’ Cameroon, Group E also includes Holland and Denmark, which will make for some exciting footballing out on the playing field.

Excitement was high, and enthusiasm even higher no matter which team was supported, as Ebisu’s Liquidroom hosted a public viewing to launch this important first match in a World Cup-worthy way. With an 11pm kickoff, the game and partying went on for a full 4 hours, with DJs Takkyu Ishino, Fumiya Tanaka, VJ Mixnuts taking to the decks at 7pm, and others making appearances that hit all the right notes and kept the huge crowd of spectators in the spirit. In fact, the public viewing and Liquidroom attracted so many supporters that those who arrived past 10pm found it packed to the gills yet wrapped in a silent anticipation that only a world class sporting event can inspire.

With the teams lining up on the big screen, Pierre Taki and Sarina Suzuki and special guest Schadaraparr’s Ani took the stage to help rouse the crowd and add some flavour to the festivities. Even with all the cheering, the sacred quality of football was evident minutes before the game, as the crowd grew quiet – the calm before the storm.

Japan and Cameroon, two veteran teams going head to head in the first match of the cup was definitely a source of anxiety for either side. That being said, Japan was able to seal up a 1-0 victory, with Keisuke Honda bagging a goal in the 38th minute, eliciting riotous cheers from the Samurai Blue supporters in the room.

Team Japan’s next challenges in Group E lie with Holland and Denmark, both of which will have public viewings, making Time Out Café & Diner and Liquidroom the places to be to grab a piece of the World Cup action.

Japan vs Holland
Date: Sat June 19
Time: 6.30pm open, 7pm start
Location: Time Out Café & Diner (Full details & map)
Guests: Takuya (ex Judy and Mary), Shogo (175R), Isakick (175R), Atsushi Shikano (Musica)
Tickets: Sold Out
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Japan vs Denmark
Date: Thur June 24
Time: 12midnight open/start
Location: Liquidroom (Full details & map)
DJs: DJ Krush/ Ken Ishii
Guest: Atsushi Shikano
VJ: Mixnuts(Musica)
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