Escape from the Magic Show

Tokyo Real Dashutsu Game 5 at TOKYO CULTURE CULTURE

Escape from the Magic Show

It’s the stuff of a panic dream; imagine what it would be like to be stuck inside a sealed room and unable to find an exit. The Dashutsu Events (Escape Events) subject participants to just that sort of situation. To escape, the guests have to find hidden items, decipher codes and work out puzzles. Number 4, entitled Haisouko Kara no Dashutsu (Escape from the Deserted Warehouse), involved approximately 2,800 people and took place in January at BankART Studio NYK in Yokohama, and already the demand for more escape events has resulted in the next instalment, entitled ‘Magic Show Kara no Dashutsu’ (Escape from the Magic Show).

The event explains of itself, ‘As well as themes, the rooms also have various hidden tricks and complications. It’s a kind of peculiar show that begins with strange music and unfolds into a brilliantly staged magical performance. However, something about the show seems odd and unfamiliar… as if something is, somehow wrong… and then terror begins to take hold, and the real show begins…’

In a complete change from the massive warehouse of the fourth event, the venue for the fifth event is the TOKYO CULTURE CULTURE event space in Odaiba. Exact details of what kind of escape antics will unfold here are still unknown. To find out first hand, you’ll need a ticket; however, depending on the day of the event, tickets can soon sell out – book early to avoid disappointment.

Date: Thur Apr 29 (nat. holiday)-Wed May 05 (nat. holiday)
Times: Thur Apr 29 (nat. holiday)-Tue May 04 (nat. holiday) /10.30am, 1pm, 3.30pm, 6pm, 8.30pm Wed May 05 (nat. holiday) /10.30am, 1pm, 3.30pm, 6pm
Tickets: ¥3,300; ¥2,800 advance
Available from eplus: (Japanese only)
Location: TOKYO CULTURE CULTURE (Full details & map)

Sponsors: OTOTOY (Japanese only)
Planned and produced by: OTOTOY / SCRAP (Japanese only)
Real Dashutsu Game (Official Website): (Japanese only)

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By Takeshi Tojo
Translated by Brin Wilson
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.



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