Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: the interview

Meet the high school girl currently rocking Japan's fashion world

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: the interview

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a high school student who, at the same time, has cut a conspicuous figure as a magazine model. Particularly popular with other high school students, she is well known for her hengao (‘strange face’). Time Out Tokyo met up with her after a recent Nico Nico Honsha performance in Harajuku.

Happy Birthday!
Thank you! I became 18 and got so many presents. I’m really happy that many people celebrated for me.

How have the sales been for the tsukema (artificial eyelashes) you brought out?
A lot of people came to buy them, and I’m happy they liked them. One man bought so many of them and I’m wondering what he is going to do with them…(laughs)!

What kind of fashion do you recommend when you wear your tsukema?
What I’m wearing are tareme no basabasa (artificial eyelashes that give a kind of drooping eye effect), and they make my eyes look doll-like. So I recommend dolly fashion. Marume no basabasa (artificial eyelashes that make your eyes look round) are good for casual fashion, and nekome no basabasa (artificial eyelashes that give a kind of cat’s eyes effect) make you look like K-pop idols!

You wrote on your blog that you want to bring about a revolution in the fashion industry. Do you feel like trying abroad? How about heading into foreign markets?
Into foreign markets? (Laughs) I’m not sure, but I love Harajuku and Harajuku girls. People are so fashionable in Harajuku. These people may look so strange in other cities, but they suit Harajuku. I want Harajuku fashion to be more global.

Do you have anyone you adore?
I love Katy Perry’s world — it’s like a fairy tale.

How do you care for your white skin?
I don’t do anything special. My skin has been white since birth.

Is that true?
Yes! I’m being honest with you! I don’t wash my face often. I just take bath and go to sleep without putting on cream. My grandfather’s skin was white and beautiful, so I think I have his genes.

How do you make your hengao (strange face)? Please teach me the easiest one.
You can make strange lips easily (see the first picture in our photo gallery, linked below). Also cross-eyes and wall-eyes are easy!

See the Kyarypamyupamyu photo gallery here

Interview by Akiko Toya
Photo by Takeshi Tojo
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