Public eye: Fuji Rock Edition

Whether first time or long time, everyone loves Fuji Rock 2010

Shoko (25)
L: Noriko (29) M: Tomoyoshi Ooishi (28) R: Rami (29)
L: Yuriko (22) R: Maki (25)
Kon (30)
L: Mariko (23) R: Yohei (25)
Mamiko Hirosawa (23)

Shoko (25)
‘I’m really looking forward to the Xx. I’ve come to Fuji Rock five years in a row now – three days of drinking, dancing and partay!’

L: Noriko (29); M: Tomoyoshi Ooishi (28); R: Rami (29)
‘We’ve been friends since we were students. Fuji Rock is such an awesomely happy and peaceful place to be – you can drink and sleep whenever and wherever you want! We’re totally going to drink today too!’ [Laughs]

L: Yuriko (22); R: Maki (25)
‘We’re sisters. We love the freedom of Fuji Rock! We totally rocked out to Buffalo Daughter – but when it comes time to go we’re really reluctant to leave…’

Kon (30)
‘The top act for me right now is Muse; Atoms for Peace is another one I’m looking forward to, too. It’s raining, but I’ve decided to stick it out until late today!’

L: Mariko (23); R: Youhei (25)
‘It’s our first Fuji Rock, but there is so much to experience that there’s really awesome feeling. We really want to see the John Butler Trio and MGMT the most.’

Mamiko Hirosawa (23)
‘Everyone is so friendly here and I really like that. The John Butler Trio was amazing!’

Text and photos by Tomohiro Ookusa
Translated by JNGC
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.



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