Public eye: Special Edition

World Cup quarterfinal fans with Cissé & Keisuke Matsushima

Satomi Ogwa (?)
Left: Rimi (27), Middle: Rebin (27), Right: Rebaz (27)
Left: Jay (?), Right: Ryoko (?)
Left: Kazuhisa (26), Middle: Kosaku (24), Right: Tomohiro (27)
Left: Morikasa (20), Right: Komiya (20)
From Left to Right: Chiharu (?), Kiyoko (?), Sachiko (?), Manami (?)
Left: Antoine (29), Right: Pierre (27)
Left: Maki (?), Right: Saya (?)

Satomi Ogawa (?)
I’m an opera singer and am often travel back and forth between Japan and Europe. I’m friends with Matsushima and Cissé, and came to see the match. Seeing Cissé on the decks is pretty cool!

Left: Rimi (27), Middle: Rebin (27), Right: Rebaz (27)
We’re here on a six-day vacation from Holland and used the internet to look up where we could go to see the match. Holland WON! Brilliant! After this, we’ll be taking a helicopter tour of Tokyo and then to we’re off to Mt Fuji.

Left: Jay (?), Right: Ryoko (?)
I’m here on business – from the UK. I love football and invited Ryoko here to come and see the match with me.

Left: Kazuhisa (26) Kaká’s definitely the one to keep an eye on!
Middle: Kosaku (24) Uh-uh, from here on Robben’s the one to watch, it’s going to be Holland!
Right: Tomohiro (27) Cissé’s the one to watch!

Left: Morikasa (20), Right: Komiya (20)
In a class at uni today, one of our teachers was saying how French football star Cissé would be coming appearing here so we figured we’d come along. We’re football fanatics, so watching these two giants like Brazil and Holland battle it out on the pitch is a real treat!

From Left to Right: Chiharu (?), Kiyoko (?), Sachiko (?), Manami (?)
We work really close to chef Matsushima’s Restaurant-I and often drop in for a bite to eat. We found out about the event here through one of Matsushima’s tweets. It’s Friday night, so we’ve come along for a drink and a good time.

Left: Antoine (29), Right: Pierre (27)
We’ live and work in Japan. We came here, to the Liquidroom, for the Japan vs Paraguay match and picked up a flyer for this event… We’re French, and came to see the French superstar footballer Cissé. But the match between Brazil and Holland moved at a really exciting pace; it was amazing!

Left: Maki (27), Right: Saya (27)
I wouldn’t say I’m really into football, but since Holland beat Japan I was definitely rooting for them to win again today. I’m glad they did!

By Akiko Toya
Translated by Brin Wilson
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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