Things to do this week in Tokyo

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Things to do this week in Tokyo

Things to do this week in Tokyo
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Monday 8

Masahisa Fukase Exhibition
Internationally renowned as one of postwar Japan's finest photographers, Masahisa Fukase regularly experimented with introspective themes. This display includes previously unreleased prints and offers an overview of a colourful career that ended in tragedy. Read more

Tuesday 9

Lee Kan Kyo: Super
Japanese supermarket ads are art, right? At least after Lee Kan Kyo's had his way with them – this supremely productive Taiwanese graphic artist's manipulated and chaotically colourful chirashi are on display now at Harajuku's Utrecht bookshop. Read more

Wednesday 10

Arto Lindsay's Restless Sambas
Guitarist-singer and producer Arto Lindsay has made a three-decade-plus career out of confounding expectations – catch his tropicalia-inspired 'Restless Sambas', complete with a Jim O'Rourke appearance, tonight. Read more

Isn't it? 20th
Frequent Berlin visitor and hard-working spinner DJ Soybeans hosts the 20th edition of his own cryptically named party, which has served as a welcome weekday option on the Tokyo club calendar since July 2014. Head over to Hatagaya's funky Forestlimit for genre-crossing tunes. Read more

Thursday 11

The Haunted Tower
Hayao Miyazaki's retirement from filmmaking may have given him some much-needed time to plan this rare special exhibit at Mitaka's Ghibli Museum. See how Rampo Edogawa's 1937 novel 'The Haunted Tower' has inspired the anime master. Read more

Tymen Visser
Subtitled 'The Wonderful World of Tokyo Transport', this is Tymen Visser's second solo exhibition in Tokyo. The Dutch artist's signature style comes through again with his bright, animated palette – admire it tonight at the opening reception. Read more

2 Many DJs Premium Showcase
Dynamic Soulwax duo David and Stephen Dewaele are now better known as 2 Many DJs, as over the past few years their mashup mastery has clearly overshadowed the alt-electronica created under their original moniker. They now take on Womb for a one-night festival of fun. Read more

Friday 12

Beer gardens
It may still be very early in the summer, but al fresco boozing season is already in full swing. More than 15 of our top beer gardens are open and running, so hurry up and make your pick – will it be highballs, churrasco or 'Mexican Resort Barbecue'? Read more

Villains in Ukiyo-e
Evil spirits, wicked thieves, sorcerers and other miscellaneous baddies take centre stage at Harajuku's Ota Museum, where this display shines a spotlight on the multifarious villains of Edo. Look out for historical characters like the Robin Hood-like outlaw Ishikawa Goemon. Read more

Sou Fujimoto: Futures of the Future
Architect Sou Fujimoto has dedicated his career to pondering what makes urban environments 'liveable' and attractive – a theme that also runs through this exhibit, consisting of around 100 plans and models that hint at what our cities might look like in the near future. Read more

Saturday 13

Vietnam Festival
It fell victim to the infamous dengue fever outbreak last year, but the Vietnam Festival is now back with a vengeance – and with a programme as schizophrenic as ever: bánh mì, 333 Beer and pho meet everything from V-pop singers to a Japanese Queen tribute band. Read more

Firefly Hunting & Evenings
Head out to the woods of Mt Takao, where the Ukai Toriyama restaurant puts on a special show in its lantern-lit Japanese garden. Guests can head out to watch the natural spectacle of glowing fireflies after stuffing themselves with luxury yakitori. Read more

Ikko Narahara: Japanesque Zen
A sharp observer of modern Japan and its extremities, photog Ikko Narahara undertook the extensive 'Japanesque' project after returning from Paris in 1965. This Shibaura exhibit focuses on the 'Zen' part of that work, documenting the life of monks in Yokohama. Read more

Fauchon Afternoon Tea and After Five
Marunouchi's Shangri-La teams up with French pastry experts Fauchon to bring Tokyo's sweets fiends a mouthwatering afternoon tea set complete with...éclairs made with foie gras and salmon? Find out what the deal is at the hotel's 28th-floor Lobby Lounge. Read more

PAN Japan Showcase
Berlin-based label PAN brings its electronically tinged musical experiments to Ebisu, with driving force Bill Kouligas, mixtape masher Lee Gamble and wildly eclectic spinner M.E.S.H. aka James Whipple all ready to take the controls at Liquidroom. Read more

Sunday 14

Tsukiji Lion Dance Festival
Held for the last time before the market's move to Toyosu, the Tsukiji Shishi Matsuri or Lion Dance Festival comes to a climax today with a mikoshi parade and the eponymous lion dancing, while around 60 food and souvenir stalls are set up around Namiyoke Inari shrine. Read more

Summer's coolest kakigori
The shaved ice trend shows no signs of slowing down, so get with the times and try some of this summer's finest kakigori, available now all over town. We've rounded up 15 surefire hits, from a certain much-hyped Taiwanese import to tried and tested Tokyo classics. Read more

Hotaru-mi Night!
Adachi-ku's brilliantly named Park of Living Things brings back its night-time firefly-watching events, which allow visitors to observe the magical dance of these symbols of early summer up close. Remember to also check out the park's wide range of other cutesy displays. Read more

Open Space 2015
The ICC has been hosting these year-long, free media art installations since 2006, emphasising interactivity and hands-on pieces that even kids are likely to enjoy. Wander over to Hatsudai and prepare to have your mind quietly blown. Read more

Sunset the Marina: Fruitina
This fun and family-friendly seaside music happening returns to Yumenoshima Marina out in Shin-Kiba with laidback tunes courtesy of the Aurora Acoustic Trio, brass boss Shinsuke Fujieda, folk duo Jan & Naomi and veteran easy-goer Calm. Don't miss the free fruit catering. Read more

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