20 things to do this weekend

Demos, fireflies, pole-dancers and a very tardy St. Paddy's Day party

20 things to do this weekend

20 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
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They'll be taking to the streets in Tokyo this weekend as the city sees what might be its anti-nuclear demonstrations to date, to coincide with the three month anniversary of 3/11. But if you aren't in the mood for protesting, never fear: you could always head to Kohei Nawa's spectacular new exhibition, catch a spot of body painting, or celebrate St. Patrick's Day three months late...


Kick out the jams...
Girl duo Tadzio make up in noise for what they lack in originality. The lo-fi garage rockers celebrate their debut album release with Hair Stylistics, L?K?O and the implausibly named Tag Match! Fuck Off! Read more

Party with some pole-dancers...
Taiko, pole-dancing and tech house? The latest edition of Innocence features Japanese drummer Tkowko, pole queen Ruka and a burlesque show by Lady Chic – and it's resident DJ Crazyneo's birthday, too. Read more

Act frivolous...
Homemade instruments FTW. Vancouver-born, Berlin-based house producer Frivolous proves that there's more to live dance music than po-faced blokes standing in front of laptops. Read more

Set off sparks...
DJ Wada's long-running techno bash Ignite reaches the ripe old age of seven tonight, with guest DJ Ree.K – something of a clubland veteran herself – and a live turn by Kansai-based electronica act Autora. Read more

Get 'red & hot & erotic'...
Butoh dancer Sawaka Oka and actress Mai Hirate will be kinking it up on stage, accompanied by a group of veteran jazz musicians. Bets are off as to whether this will be hot and steamy or just a bit silly. Read more

Hail the Queen of the Night...
Lilith's first anniversary bash at Eleven features long-form sets by Poland's Catz'n Dogz and Three, the eclectic New York-based DJ who headlined the first edition of the party this time last year. Read more

20 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
Friday | Saturday | Sunday

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