Free beauty spots

Stay beautiful for free in cash strapped times

Free beauty spots

The GInza Main Branch

Now that the Christmas and New Year spending are over, you might be feeling the after-effects in your wallet. While most people trim their budget by eating out less, many also cut back on beauty items and services. Time Out Tokyo has come to the rescue with a list of Tokyo beauty spots offering free services to keep you looking good.

Free skincare lessons (The Ginza Main Branch)

The Ginza, a pioneer in select shops, is a stockist predominantly for Shisedo skincare and makeup products. When The Ginza reopened its doors with a fresh new look in April 2009, it began offering free beauty mini seminars to groups of two to three people. Each seminar covers a topic relating to beauty and participants are given personalized advice on makeup techniques and tips on how to look one’s best. The seminar topics change every two months and each seminar lasts for 60 minutes. Reservations are essential, so get in early as places usually fill up fast. February’s series focuses on foundation techniques. (Full details & map)

Free health and beauty check (Fancl Ginza Square)

Ginza is home to the flagship store for natural cosmetic range, Fancl, well-known for their skincare products and beauty supplements. In the Fancl Lab on the third floor, customers can have a skin and health assessment and receive free health and beauty advice from the store’s specialist staff. In the ‘Beauty Course’, Fancl’s skin analysis tool is used to assess skin condition. The tool measures the number of wrinkles and visible pores to determine skin age. In the 'Health Course', body composition, including body fat, artery age, and bone density is measured. A nutritionist then reviews the results and offers advice on nutrition and supplements. Reservations can be made at the counter on the third floor or by phone and can be made up to two weeks in advance.

Address: 5-8-16 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5537 2474 (Reservations and inquiries)
Open: 10am-8pm

Free hand relaxation (Shampoo-ya)

Shampoo-ya is a specialist in head beauty treatments and relaxation. For those who unacquainted with massage, Shampoo-ya is offering a ten minute full body massage or fifteen minute aromatherapy hand massage free and with the option of extending the time (at a cost) if desired. To take advantage of this offer visit Relax Free’s website featuring free places to try relaxation services, print Shampoo-ya’s free coupon and take it with you when you visit. Reservations must be made for the first visit.

Address: 1F & 2F Brodery Nishi Shimbashi Bldg, 1-9-1 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)3519 6616
Open: Mon-Fri 11:30am-10pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-7pm, closed nat. holidays

Free shoulder massage (Kinwa kaikan)

At Taiwanese massage specialists, Kinwa Kaikan, tea, a hot foot soak, and a full body massage usually costs ¥5250 for 60 minutes. However with a free coupon, customers can enjoy a hot foot soak, tea and a shoulder massage for 15 minutes at no cost. Visit the Relax Free website to download a free coupon. Reservations must be made for the first visit.

Address: 2F Matsui Bldg, 3-32-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)3355 4966
Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-6am

Free beauty samples (SBY)

Shibuya is the place for trendy young Tokyoites to get information on the latest popular items. In the S-Komi sampling area at SBY, customers can try and take home free samples of foundation and other cosmetics.

Shibuya 109
Address: 8F Shibuya 109 Bldg, 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: (03)3477 5163

Harajuku Happy Room
Address: 1F Harajuku Katarina Bldg, 1-20-11 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)6459 2258

Free kimono lessons (Kimono Lady School)

Take your first steps towards learning the true beauty of kimono by taking a free course teaching you how to dress yourself in a kimono. The course comprises eight lessons taught by the same instructor over three months. Students learn everything they need to know from how to put on a kimono to tying the obi. Lessons are free however the course text is ¥2550 and must be purchased for the course. For those who don’t have their own kimono, they can be rented for ¥4200 for the eight lessons.

Main School
Address: 3-12-4 Minami Ooi, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)3764 0641

Shibuya School
Address: 2F East Shibuya Bldg, 3-6-1 Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5485 3006

Ikebukuro School
Address: 3F Toshin Bldg, 3-12-15 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)3980 5179

Kamata School
Address: 3F Mori Bldg, 7-5-13 Nishi Kamata, Ota, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)3735 6913

Kinshicho School
Address: 9F Kawaguchi Bldg, 2-11-5 Koto Bashi, Sumida, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)5624 6035

Nakano School
Address: 406 New Green Bldg, 2-23-1 Nakano, Nakano, Tokyo
Telephone: (03)3383 8025

Kichijoji School
Address: 6F Kichijoji TR Bldg, 1-25-10 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino, Tokyo
Telephone: (042)220 6170

Tachikawa School
Address: 3F Nakayama Bldg, 2-32-2 Akebonocho, Tachikawa, Tokyo
Telephone: (042)522 1131

Chofu School
Address: 3F Takano Bldg, 2-51-9 Kojimacho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo
Telephone: (042)522 1131 (inquiries to Tachikawa School)

Machida School
Address: 301 Iida Bldg, 1-1-4 Nakamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Telephone: (042)720 4312

Hachoji School
Address: 3F Iimuraya Bldg, 3-14 Misakicho, Hachioji, Tokyo
Telephone: (042)626 9815

By Kyoko Kitamura
Translated by E. Kavanagh
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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