Tokyo Train Information

Updates on delays and cancellations for train lines in Tokyo

Tokyo Train Information

Friday's earthquake and the looming threat of blackouts have thrown the usually well-oiled Tokyo rail system into disarray. We'll be updating this information as the day goes on.

We recommend checking Beerkat's Kanto Train Status page for the latest updates.

As of Wednesday, 6.30pm (percentages indicate volume compared to regular service)...

Reduced service on the following lines:

Chuo Main (Takao-Kobuchizawa), some stoppages
Chuo Rapid (Tokyo-Takao)
Chuo-Sobu (Mitaka-Chiba)
Hachiko (Hachioji-Haijima), some stoppages
Itsukaichi (Haijima-Musashi-Itsukaichi), some stoppages
Joban Local (Ayase-Toride)

Joban Rapid (Ueno-Toride)
Joetsu (Takasaki-Shim-Maebashi)
Karasuyama (Hoshakuji-Karasuyama)
Kawagoe (Omiya-Kawagoe), some stoppages
Keihin-Tohoku (Omiya-Ofuna)
Keiyo (Tokyo-Soga), some stoppages
Musashino (Fuchuhonmachi-Nishi-Funabashi)
Nambu (Kawasaki-Tachikawa)
Nambu Branch (Shitte-Hama-Kawasaki)
Narita (Chiba-Narita Airport)
Nikko (Utsuonimya-Nikko), some stoppages
Ome (Tachikawa-Okutama), some stoppages
Saikyo (Osaki-Omiya)
Sobu Rapid (Tokyo-Chiba)
Sotobo (Chiba-Kazusa-Ichinomiya), some stoppages

Takasaki (Ueno-Takasaki)
Tokaido (Tokyo-Atami)
Tsurumi (Tsurumi-Ogimachi, Asano-Umi-Shibaura, Musashi-Shiraishi-Okawa)
Uchibo (Chiba-Kisarazu), some stoppages
Utsunomiya (Ueno-Kuroiso)
Yamanote (entire line)
Yokohama (Higashi-Kanagawa-Hachioji)
Yokosuka (Tokyo-Kurihama)

Service on Joetsu, Nagano, Tohoku (Tokyo-Nasushiobara, two trains per hour), Tokaido lines

Tokyo Metro:
Regular service on Ginza, Marunouchi, Namboku lines. Reduced service during rush hour (80%) on other lines. Tokyo Metro is requesting that passengers try to avoid travelling at peak hours (7.30-9.30am and 6-8pm) to help relieve congestion

Reduced service on Asakusa line (approx 80%), no major delays reported on other lines

Service suspended on sections of Odawara, Enoshima and Tama lines during the periods indicated below.
Odawara line:
Hon-Atsugi to Isehara, until 9.30pm
Isehara-Hadano, until 9.30pm
Hadano to Shin-Matsuda, until 10.30pm
Shin-Matsuda to Odawara, until 10.30pm
Tama line
Until 7.30pm

Regular service on all lines, but delays and crowding expected

Reduced service (60%) on all lines. No service from Kanazawa-Hakkei to Uraga or on Kurihama line, until 10.20pm

Weekend timetables on all lines, with some scheduling changes on Chiba and Chihara lines. Skyliner service resumed (weekend timetables), no Cityliner service

Rinkai line:
Reduced service (approx 70%), no direct link with JR line

Service on the following lines:
Ikebukuro (Ikebukuro-Kotesashi, until 10.30pm; entire line thereafter)
Chichibu (entire line, no service until 10.30pm)
Toshima (entire line)
Sayama (entire line)
Shinjuku (Seibu Shinjuku-Tana, until 10.30pm; entire line thereafter)
Seibu-en (entire line, no service until 10.30pm)
Kokubunji (entire line, no service until 10.30pm)
Haijima (entire line, no service until 10.30pm)
Tamako (entire line, no service until 10.30pm)
Tamagawa (entire line, no service until 7.30pm)

Shonan Monorail:
Reduced service until 9pm, regular service thereafter

Tama Monorail:
Reduced service (approx once every 20-30 mins)

Service (frequently 50% or less) on the following lines:
Daishi (entire line, 9pm onwards)
Isesaki (Asakusa-Kuki all day; Kuki-Tatebayashi, 7.30pm onwards)
Kameido (entire line)
Kiryu (entire line)
Koizumi (entire line)
Nikko (Tobu-Dobutsu-Koen to Minami-Kurihashi all day; Minami-Kurihashi to Shin-Tochigi, 7.30pm onwards)
Noda (Omiya-Kasukabe all day; Kasukabe-Mutsumi, 9.30pm onwards; Mutsumi-Funabashi from now onwards)
Sano (entire line)
Tojo (Ikebukuro-Narimasu all day; Narimasu-Shiki, 10pm onwards; Shiki-Ogawamachi, 10.30pm onwards)

Reduced service (local only) on Denentoshi line (80%), regular service on other lines. No direct connections with other operators' lines

Tsukuba Express:
Service resumed

Photo by Shane Wadleigh
By Time Out Tokyo Editors
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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